Trader Joe's now sells "Pancake Bread," which is essentially a buttermilk pancakes & syrup-themed coffee cake. Sooo, now I want to take a slice of the pancake bread and soak it in seasoned egg, and then cook it in a waffle iron. I could have pancake bread french toast waffles. 🤩

Someone left an unerased whiteboard again. Oops, looks like I'm turning it into more cats.

I made a playlist to swap music with a coworker. It's a tour through sludge metal, doom, stoner metal and some psychedelia. The themes are, in order: An intro to sludge with some key players. Chill break with some of my favorite frontwomen in rock. Energy boost with booming bass and driving drums. Sampling of the Savannah/Atlanta Georgia metal scene, home of my favorites. Heavier, shouted vocals. More heavy stuff with distorted instruments. Finally, a wind-down.

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Game mashup idea. Dogs in the Vineyard meets Hot Guys Making Out: Dongs in the Vineyard -- Love on the Frontier.

Surprise! I had a perfectly-sized elopement on Saturday! Our party was the minimum size legally required by Massachusetts -- we and our officiant all met on the same day as part of the RPG group I set up when I moved to Boston. Our ringbearer joined the circle later and became a fast friend. Our photographer knew me and Caroline both separately in our home town before we met. She swears she meant to introduce us, but we found eachother just fine, and here we are. <3

Tomorrow marks three complete years with my girlfriend! This also means it has been more than three years since I have lived with cats. The things we do for love.

There was a Diversity Lunch today to talk about diversity, equity and inclusivity initiatives. Best part: finding out that there's a bi flag Toast logo sticker.

(I mean really the best part is working somewhere that is taking diversity seriously, but the sticker is a treat)

So my Labyrinth Lord: Yoon-Suin players considered their outstanding plot threads from last year, got a new one and new info on an existing one, and got as far as going down some stairs and being spotted by baddies before we had to call it a night. This is because they spent TWO HOURS _expanding their guild hall, making floor plans, and hiring mercenaries to guard it all._ I'm so proud that they're so invested in their home!!

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I heard that someone was speculating about who was leaving cats on the whiteboards, so I paid him a visit.

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Looking for #rainbow #unicorn #pics that are free to use. Or other cute icons of #pride & #diversity. Wanna use to scare #fascists away from my #RPG #convention.

Tonight I made manniya kasha in a pudding mould! It's a Russian semolina pudding. I topped it with blueberries macerated with a bit of sugar and balsamic vinegar.

This was delicious. It tasted to me like a pancake custard.

Help, I'm addicted to turning other folks' unerased whiteboard notes into cats.

Beyond a thick forest was the tower of the Bog Witch. She kept kidnapped children in a tower, growing their hair long to harvest for her magics. One day the children discovered their true potential and turned the tides. Meanwhile, people freed Loqua birds from the city.

The witch eventually cast a powerful Freeing spell that rippled outward, Unlocking all that it touched. Perhaps the Loqua were cursed humans, for people say new towns began appearing in the woods after the spell was cast.

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My favourite part about xcom is making up names for all my little xcoms

Aliens don't you dare touch a hair on the heads of my beautiful sweet xcoms

Scrimmy Bingus, Captain Baseball, VanDamme "VanDamme" VaDamme, and Hoo Rah Jeremy.

Initially isolated from the rest of civilization, a group of small towns began to establish contact with one another. Without the upkept roads of Mish'glob'l, they came up with a system of rafts and floating roads on the swamp.

The Hero eventually brought roads, connecting them at the cost of individuality. Some people split away, retreating further into the mountains to live deliberately and communally, far from the constant march of "progress."

Far from the swamp was a desert where the young were sent as a rite of passage. If you survived with nothing, you were crafty enough to contribute to the Civilization that Is. The road to the desert was a place of some trials and lessons for the Hero.

A wizard plotted deep within the desert, raising an army of those he dragged from the sands. He was eventually brought to justice by the Hero, but at the cost of a trusted friend, secretly a Spy for the wizard.

A foreign army once landed on our shores. A Mercenary says that the Hero was a camp brat, born and raised here. A Childhood Friend says they stole food together -- to be caught begging was far worse than to be caught taking by cunning. The people of this land eventually subsumed the Invaders, with myths growing to say that these were not foreigners, but returning brethren whose remains must be deeper in the swamps. Their fan dances, with movement like rocking waves, became quite popular.

Our prominent landmark is Mish'glob'l, City on the Swamp. Construction on sunken remains is a testament to our virtue of embracing the new with structure lent by the past.

The children of the city are prone to eloquent, eerie, and spontaneous music that is just... known. Highly intelligent Loqua birds are kept as pets by the rich, who treat them as parrots, but their speech is not mimicry.

In a tower near the city, a true heir is locked away, said to be the key to raising the old City.

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