I spotted some shapes while prepping lunches for the week and, well, here's my green (bean) man.

I am up late (~2 AM as I write) with an upset stomach so I decided to be productive and make homemade ice cream to churn tomorrow. However, we have hit the time of night where reasonable Kass-brain shuts off and is replaced with "boy I wish I had some brass knuckles carved from salt bricks in case I need to punch ghosts on the way to bed."

It's gonna be a long night

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I had started running Labyrinth Lord at work because it would mean that player absence (my coworkers are very difficult to wrangle) would be low/no impact. What I hadn't considered is that this slows down the reward loop a lot. We've got session 11 coming up next week, and as of session 10 we have two characters who have hit level 2. I'm going to keep at it, because the game is very low-stress for me (running a published megadungeon), but my dirty hippie storygame instincts may kick in soon.

Just finished reading @oh_theogony's "Grandma's Drinking Song" in the latest Gauntlet. What a hoot!

"How can the Coolidge Corner Theater and other art house cinemas reach out to more people with your values?
* List of types of advertising
* etc."

Please don't? My every waking moment is bombarded with advertisements to the extent that I am angered by anyone at all trying to sell me anything? Create places that we will spread by word of mouth. Make me love your venue and I will sing your praises to friends who I think will love it, I will treat people to visits, just please no more ads.

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I discuss the nature of the soft horizon today with a stack of Heavy Metal magazines as a metaphor.


Happy Halloween! Get spooky, stay safe and warm, and be your best witchy self!

We had an awesome final couple confrontations -- they talked Domari down from fighting them, and had a PvP conflict about whether to bring her to justice or kill her there. Domari was spared on the condition that she turn herself in immediately, exonerate Brok and the Exterminators, and not seek vengeance. Then there were some lovely epilogues from the players.

It was one player's first RPG, and she turned Brok's McGuffin appearance into a sweet romance plot and did a sketch of their meet cute!

Following up in leads, investigating a mysterious temple being built at ground zero in the Moon Port's wreckage, and pulling in NPCs for more guest appearances, the PCs strung together a likely murder plot.

As we were nearing the end of our time, a player framed a scene in a law office, hoping to find the paperwork surrounding the temple in the Moon Port. Another player set, as the Tilt, that the lawyer was a Calla worshipper! So the final Question fell into place - "Why did Domari kill Thrym?"

Wanting to clear up what plot bits and characters were distractions, a player who got to frame the Question for the first scene asked "Do the Exterminators really have anything to do with the explosion at the Moon Port?" And the answer was no. No, they did not, and now they were just doing their best to lessen the rumor mill and smear campaign. However, they did have some helpful information.

I loved that the players identified what they really cared about getting out of this game.

Last night I ran my 2nd session of two for @genesisoflegend's Sig: Manual of Primes!

We started with the "Beginning of Session" rules, defining one big scheme that had succeeded, one that failed, and a new Face caught up in the crossfire. This was great for putting some new pressures on the characters and giving the players fodder for framing scenes and throwing in NPCs.

The players started by setting a scene to steer the story back to "Who killed Thrym?" More in thread.

Tasting Counter's fall foraging meal was so much fun! I learned a lot, and everything was super delicious. Tyler Akabane, who does the foraging walk, is wicked friendly and also gives out a cute little zine at the end of the meal.

We found a number of edible, inedible, and deadly mushrooms, as well as sassafras, wild sorrel, garlic mustard, and white pine. In the link are photos of some of what we found as well as the final dishes!


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I think it's telling, and incredibly disappointing, that the OSR community by and large is moving to MeWe and trash talking/making fun of anyone who says "Hey, that site is a haven for Nazis and I'm not going to support it."

It's one thing to say "Actually, it's all private, and you won't have any overlap with the Nazis there." Calling people idiots, joking about how there aren't enough Nazis there, and so on? That's just shitty. That's not a group I need to buy games from.

Following @rafu's thread on , I ground a clove, six cardamom seeds (NOT pods), and some freshly scraped vanilla seeds with my coffee. The vanilla got lost in the mix (too mild, or too little of it), but the clove and cardamom are quite nice. They are strongest in the aroma, but do come through in the flavor as well!

A sack for aging Swiss cheese is a bag of holing.

Pros: found an importing tool that let me convert a mind map into a test plan in Jira.

Cons: I only wanted a convenient way to import it because it's 290 steps long. 💀

Dinner time! Sous vide teriyaki salmon, broccoli with garlic & olive oil, and cherry tomatoes with sea salt over couscous.

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