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god how many sad boy breakup songs are just "these were all the things she did for me and then she just LEFT :'( "

like ok.. what the hell did you ever do for HER??

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Boost this and I'll assign you a dungeon to go delving in. #Mastodonia #DnD

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@kasshelfant they were resurrected EVEN THOUGH THEY EXPLICITLY ASKED NOT TO BE, through a mad deal with The Lady of the Woods. Their friends reason it did not count as a rez since they didn’t have time to die before being moved to a new body, a body grown out of a leshen heart. Those sweet children.

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What are the recipes you carry with you? I keep Quaker vanishing oatmeal cookies, a sweet potato and chickpea curry, and black bean enchiladas on my tablet. As I've moved from place to place following the IT job market, I've built a small collection of the recipes that have been the most useful.

I attended some training at work today. It included some roleplaying. The instructors asked for volunteers, with the threat of eventual voluntelling. These always feel cringe-y and uncomfortable, and I was stewing on that, then remembered that this is literally my most-pursued hobby, so I said "I'll do it! Alright cowards, gimme some feedback!" And I had a great time with it and got some laughs intentionally. Felt good, and spared others who may have wanted actively not to do so.

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putting a bunch of french fries in a shell in the wilderness

hermit carbs

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Finian’s death by beasts. Executed at sunrise, it was all very visceral and dramatic. I feel like all that Berserk reading helped with the drawing!

#gore #rpg #dnd #mastoart #creativetoots #naiteart

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A #gamedesign exercise, thread 1/? Show more

My Labyrinth Lord: Yoon-Suin players surprised me with a thank you card and a board game. The thank you card has their whole menagerie of pets drawn on it by one of the players. 😭

I love it. As much as the system itself has been clunky and not aged well, the characters and enthusiasm they bring to the table have been so wonderful.

Wayfarer's End was a great one-shot! The game really nails its theme/setting creation. It could use a bit more spelling out of what it expects to be in the rules text (the play examples are actually great, but you should be able to play a game without reading those). All in all, it was a bit like Fiasco in its good guiding of story creation and unexpected twists. I will definitely play it again.


Running Labyrinth Lord has primarily made me appreciate every other game (except Rifts, which is garbage) that I've run much, much more. B/E D&D has not aged well. By group consensus, we're going to have a couple sessions of just roleplay where we don't even bother touching the system, then wrap up with a big setpiece battle so we can be done with Labyrinth Lord as a thing. The setting, characters, etc. have all been a blast, but we cringe any time we need to resolve anything mechanically.

Tickets acquired for Ministry, KMFDM and Front Line Assembly in July! I am the happiest industrial metalhead. What a damn lineup.

@nickwedig One age ended with a young girl sacrificing herself beside our pool even though we all turned her away. The villagers erected a shrine North of the pool to commemorate her (futile) selflessness. Finally, the sea wall broke, and our pool was no different from the waters of the ocean. A great admiral came to us and demanded our cooperation and magic, only to reject our gifts and demolish our home.

@nickwedig Our home was a tidal pool. The walls bordering the sea were weak, and our home was always in flux as water flowed in and seeped away. A great black crab with filmy white eyes laired in the Eastern end of our pool, living on scraps. It had been there longer than any of us. And to the South was a shrine, which we later learned that Yezibaba had made of shells and the bones of drowned men, bound with moonlight (and clay). Over the years, a flock of seagulls were attracted by our gifts.

@nickwedig Rusalka completed! We set up a spread of hearty brown bread, soft butter, local honey, pickled herring with onion & dill, and some juicy pears. Or theme decks were Tides, Sacrifice, and Moonlight. We were silver-haired Yezibaba, galaxies in her eyes, Bodashka the starved, and shark-toothed Khalida, with seaweed for hair.

@WanderingBeekeeper Here's my contribution thus far to the Minecraft server I'm on! This is Hightower, a lonely little fortress half a day's travel southeast from spawn/where everyone else is building. I found a quartet of beautiful high cliffs with some rocky lowland and grass and thought "Yeah, heck yeah, I can build a little wizard's tower dealy over here." Further east, there are forest islands where sheep roam freely. In the hills to my west, there are other wild barnyard critters.

My new QA co-op's first ticket has had to be kicked back to the dev working on it twice. She's done such a great job of writing clear and succinct repro info and maintaining good communication with the dev. I've had such fantastic QA-lings to work with. 😭

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