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i'm selling 13 original ink drawings (each ~5.5" x 7") to raise funds for Reclaim The Block, a coalition to demand that Minneapolis divest from policing and invest in long-term alternatives.

each piece is pay-what-you-want, with a minimum of $30. see the rest of this thread to view the pieces ⬇️

#BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd


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In case you haven't seen elsewhere, the physical copies of Wolfspell have arrived and they are magnificent beasts! 🐺

I'm three sessions into my game of Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 1e and having a blast. Last session wrapped up the First Age's threats and Family goals so we advanced to the Second Age and my players came up with some super cool changes to their Families over the generations, as well as new threats emerging from our sandy waste of a world. I'm strongly considering buying the 2nd edition of the game to get the most playtested and streamlined rules, for whenever I next get to run this.

At last! The dice for completing the Trophy Dark Incursion-writing contest have arrived!!

Welcome to Kass' Quarantine Kitchen, where the rules are made up and the points don't matter! Tonight we've got leftover cabbage from corned beef, Smitten Kitchen's potato salad with dilly quick pickled cukes, and hot dogs with caramelized onions & a smear of homemade duck liver paté!

Got my offer letter from Proletariat to do game QA, my letter of acceptance into UMass Amherst's University Without Walls program to study Advocacy & Social Justice, and I made some duck live pate after roasting a duck the other day, so I'm gonna put that on a hot dog and NOBODY can stop me.

Here's the latest addition to our little plant family! Sharing a home with Clive the Chive, I introduce you all to our basil, Rathbone!

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My game Rusałka is in DrivethruRPG's current Doctors Without Borders bundle, along with some great stuff (Sig: Manual of the Primes, Malandros, Night's Black Agents, etc). Get cool stuff, send money to people fighting the virus at the same time.

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#fedikitchen how do I know when my sourdough starter is ready to use?

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Thomas Novosel has a sale going on right now and could use some support! His games, art, and zines are amazing! You've probably seen his work in a bunch of stuff - he's also offering commissions, if you like it! - and it's all available for an unbelievable price right now! Please consider picking it up and tipping heavily to help out a queer creator who is dealing with the fallout of the pandemic like many of the rest of us! :heart:

Hoo damn. My mom got me some Botanica chicory cherry bitters for my birthday and WOW a couple dashes of that in some lightly sweetened iced coffee is just perfect. I'm looking forward to pairing them with bourbon too, but it wouldn't be at all out of the question to just keep a bottle around for coffee. I am the happiest of happy campers.

Layoffs were announced at work a couple weeks ago. I asked to be let go and my request has been granted! Caroline and I are planning to move to Maine next year, and I'm using this time to leave my QA career so that I can start on a social work degree. Time to start doing something that makes me feel fulfilled.

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Even the street cats are practicing social distancing. I was like "pss pss pss" and this cat just hung back 6 feet and meowed at me.

When will be free of this street catless hell?! 😭

Here's Sri ja the Sea Witch, mother of Oje ta, a young witch who had been adventuring with the party. Sri ja called the Kraken into her own body so that the party could kill it in mortal flesh. The party lost a few pets and a companion from early in the campaign, but as they fought the Kraken, their friends pulled a decisive victory over the Kraken-worshipping Squidmen in the deep waters.

We did it! We played the final Labyrinth Lord session! We beat Dungeons & Dragons! We started about a year and a half ago. The game took place over about 100 in-game days. There was exploration, thrilling fights, deadly traps, friends made and lost. In the end, they killed the living incarnation of a god and were hailed as heroes. Everyone got an epilogue, we traded thanks, divulged secrets of the world, and planned our next game!

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