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A sack for aging Swiss cheese is a bag of holing.

Pros: found an importing tool that let me convert a mind map into a test plan in Jira.

Cons: I only wanted a convenient way to import it because it's 290 steps long. 💀

Dinner time! Sous vide teriyaki salmon, broccoli with garlic & olive oil, and cherry tomatoes with sea salt over couscous.

I was worried because my tablet kept freezing up during testing. After some investigation, I think I found the leek.

“Halcyon Boys” - H.P. Lizzcraft
Once more the wild-eyed boys return,
And the dancing chick downtown burns
Go on, spread the word around;
Go down to Dino’s Bar ‘n’ Grill,
The drink will flow and blood will spill,
The boys are back in town.

PCs: Lillim the Tinkerer, daughter of a forbidden love between two Cubi. Believes that love is too dangerous to be taken seriously. Perciel, barkeeper and Honest Businessman, catfolk son of two Ferals. Believes that some people are better than the law, and that includes him. Cythal, auditor, daughter of an Aesigilar and a primal man. Believes that obedience is a loving act.

Their dead friend was Thrym Allfriend, husband of Perciel's brother, coffee friend of Cythal, mentor to Lillim.

Torvald, Perciel's brother, heard whispers that Thrym's death was intentional, and that Brok the Damned set the explosives in the Moonport. Trying to investigate, the PCs found that Thrym owed money. Nothing is as it seems. And now Lillim, hellbent on escaping love, is being courted by the very Giant accused of murdering Thrym.

Favorite moment: Our Cubi (Succubus), Lillim, used her charm to distract Brok the Damned, a forlorn giant, so that the others could steal a document from him. She "accidentally" bumped into him, spilling all the apples she'd picked. Classic meet cute.

Cue to game end, I call an Interlude scene so Lillim and I can heal Harm taken in play. It's Brok at her door. He has a big bag full of apples for her. Quoth one player: "I'm feeling feelings!"

Sig was delightful! We got in about 3 hours of time altogether. Character creation took about two of those hours. I think this was due to chatty players / having to go through for info on Factions/Powers/Heritages, so I'd make that mandatory reading next time.

The hour of play got us through two scenes. The Beliefs, shared NPCs, and heartbreak of the first scene (funeral of a beloved friend) made for a quick and intuitive dive into very emotional RP. Players asked when we can schedule another!

Tonight I'm running a one-shot of @genesisoflegend's Sig: Manual of the Primes at work! I've got one player who does D&D 5e regularly, one who has never played an RPG, and a third who has dropped into my work Labyrinth Lord game once.

Play details later after the game!

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If you've wanted a physical copy of The Clay That Woke for your collection now is the time.

I'm moving soon across the country, and my little 3' x 4' storage locker is jammed with copies of The Clay That Woke, mailing and packaging supplies, and printing supplies for other projects, and I need to seriously reduce it. Please help me out. I'm putting physical copies of The Clay That Woke on sale at a super reduced price of $14.99.


By day, I am a software tester! I got my start doing game testing at Nintendo, and have since moved into the Software as a Service industry. I currently work at Toast, where we build a Point of Sales system for restaurants.

I love what I do, and think that it overlaps strongly with why I love games. My job requires clear, kind, and concise communication with the engineers on my team, coupled with a deep understanding of rules and expectations.

Talk to me about Agile/Scrum, QA, and restaurants!

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Blessed of the Traveler: Queer Gender Identity in Eberron

Blessed of The Traveler is a guide to incorporating transgender characters and stories into the Eberron setting for Dungeons & Dragons, with looks at how several cultures and faiths approach gender, as well as a look at magical transition methods! It includes a lengthy list of sample NPCs for use with the Sharn setting in the Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron.


AND IT'S FREE. (And boosts are good!)

time! I'm Kassidy Helfant. I got my start working at a FLGS and becoming the go-to person for RPGs, and have worked at the Indie Bazaar booth at PAX East and Unplugged in past years.

I like to introduce people to tabletop RPGs and make our hobby a welcoming and inclusive space! I write about games I'm running, answer questions about systems I'm familiar with, and finished the RPG design challenge!

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I am very excited to announce the release of my first solo game: A Cozy Den. It is an intimate game of domestic winter that focuses on the lives of Lesbisnakes and their relationships with each other in their winter Den. Lesbisnakes are half snake, half human, and all lesbian.

This post is shareable!


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I'm extremely excited to announce that my first published game, Dead Friend: A Game of Necromancy, is now pay-what-you-wish on DriveThruRPG! If you like friendship and raising the dead, this is the game for you! Get it while it's...cold... drivethrurpg.com/product/23465

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DM42 Update! The calc arrived yesterday & I think I lost all of last night playing with it.

I'm enjoying puzzling out how the expanded graphic capabilities change its behavior compared to the Free42 app I'm used to.

I'm working on a program right now that graphically displays a whole matrix instead of one entry at a time. My kind of thrills!

Anyway, I'm celebrating with a sale. The coupon code DM42 gets you 25% off of everything I have at payhip.com/epidiah until the end of February!

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Hey all, we had to update our goal because of some new mega expenses. Please check out, share if you can. Thank you! gofundme.com/keep-the-sheldons-afloat

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From FB:

Loremaster Games is putting out an Open Call for designers interested in designing stretch goal settings for the upcoming RPG Gears of Defiance. If interested, please e-mail me a short pitch at ryan.schoon@gmail.com with the subject "Gears of Defiance Pitch."

Pitch guidelines are in the link
They're looking for different takes on a steampunk core it sounds like.