My Labyrinth Lord players have a menagerie of giant insect pets, and I STILL have no idea how to balance encounters (or whether I even should -- perhaps I'll leave it up to them to decide whether/when to flee), so of COURSE I drew up a 10-yards-per-inch giant battle map for tonight where baddies will be using catapults from a hidden position to lure the party out into longbow range.

I love my players and this campaign has been a blast, but I'm ready to go back to simpler games.

I'd like to see us start advertising dog-friendly events as "More dogs than you can eat!"

I'm at a Management Development training now that I'm a QA Team Lead. During the breaks and over lunch, I generated and drew a Maze! I present to you: The Ash Waste Asylum, swept over by a lava flow, its inhabitants mummified in ash. A lone priest tends a garden in the former shrine, his firelight keeping the lurking ash statues at bay...

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A coworker found out I'm the one who draws cats on the whiteboards and said he appreciates them! 🤗

My Labyrinth Lord: Yoon-Suin game is just two weeks away from its one-year anniversary! Just about three weeks of time have taken place in-game, but the players have spelunked in an Axolotl-men lair, lost an adventurer to a Dryad's charm, freed prisoners from a Slug opium-lord, bought waterfront property to build a guildhouse, opened a portal to the Stygian Library, saved a Sea Nomad clan's Big Man from his son's betrayal (and saved a wedding in the process), and wooed a young Sea Witch!

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This hack brought to you by my office having too many people for its rest rooms.

Idea: Torchbearer with an added "Gotta poop" condition separate from The Grind. You can drink coffee to alleviate Exhausted, but it hurtles you towards "Gotta poop," in which case you need to figure out where the hell the dungeon denizens keep their bathrooms or else be debilitated in tasks.

Whenever I go to our dev-tools team with environment issues I leave 'em a doodle. I figure if I'm gonna be hanging around them not knowing things, a lil' goblin or mushroom-skull is the least I can do.

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A friend of mine is running a survey about cooperative board games. Maybe you'd like to participate to help give a clearer idea how people feel while playing these sorts of games?

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Hey, folks, I'm having a bit of trouble making ends meet this month, so if you wouldn't mind buying some of my games at or that would be great. And if you aren't in the mood to buy something, could you at least boost the post, please? Thanks a lot!

The latest Codex zine from The Gauntlet has a game that is essentially RPG-ified Guillotine (the card game) and I am so overjoyed by this implementation.

Today I co-hosted the first of five Cooking 101 classes at work! My co-host Jason started us off with some knife safety and basic slicing/julienning/cubing. Then, I walked the class through making a balsamic vinaigrette, discussing emulsions, whisking, the importance of bowl size, tasting as you go, and substitution. We finished by slicing some lettuce and tomatoes to toss with the dressing.

Next week: Guacamole!

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Boost this post and I'll tell you what class you'd be in the RPG I've been working on.

Bleh. Cranky. None of my work RPG players told me until today that they couldn't make today's game, and even then almost all required individually being prompted. It's A-OK to need to miss games, but tell me for crying out loud, ideally as soon as you know you can't play. That way I can at least whip up a one-shot for the people who will be around.

How are people finding Role Gate to be? I had done some Play-by-Forum on MythWeavers for a bit and stopped due to some life changes, but now I'm idly considering running something ultralight that I could check on once a day.

My name is OzymandiKass, Goof of Goofs;
Look on my Trader Joe's pancake bread french toast waffle, ye Mastodon, and despair

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