We did it! We played the final Labyrinth Lord session! We beat Dungeons & Dragons! We started about a year and a half ago. The game took place over about 100 in-game days. There was exploration, thrilling fights, deadly traps, friends made and lost. In the end, they killed the living incarnation of a god and were hailed as heroes. Everyone got an epilogue, we traded thanks, divulged secrets of the world, and planned our next game!

Here's Sri ja the Sea Witch, mother of Oje ta, a young witch who had been adventuring with the party. Sri ja called the Kraken into her own body so that the party could kill it in mortal flesh. The party lost a few pets and a companion from early in the campaign, but as they fought the Kraken, their friends pulled a decisive victory over the Kraken-worshipping Squidmen in the deep waters.

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