At last! The dice for completing the Trophy Dark Incursion-writing contest have arrived!!

Welcome to Kass' Quarantine Kitchen, where the rules are made up and the points don't matter! Tonight we've got leftover cabbage from corned beef, Smitten Kitchen's potato salad with dilly quick pickled cukes, and hot dogs with caramelized onions & a smear of homemade duck liver paté!

Here's the latest addition to our little plant family! Sharing a home with Clive the Chive, I introduce you all to our basil, Rathbone!

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Here's Sri ja the Sea Witch, mother of Oje ta, a young witch who had been adventuring with the party. Sri ja called the Kraken into her own body so that the party could kill it in mortal flesh. The party lost a few pets and a companion from early in the campaign, but as they fought the Kraken, their friends pulled a decisive victory over the Kraken-worshipping Squidmen in the deep waters.

Our indoor herb garden helps me feel a little better as we only go outside once or twice a day right now. We originally set this up as an excuse to get some artificial sunlight into our basement apartment, but I've really come to love my little plant babies. There's oregano that's run wild, sage and rosemary doing their best, Clive the Chive, and chocolate mint. I love the smell of the dirt, and burying my face in the leaves. I can't wait to have a house and do proper gardening.

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Selfie, eye contact.

Working from home means I get to use my favorite coffee mug!!

My Labyrinth Lord: Yoon-Suin players surprised me with a thank you card and a board game. The thank you card has their whole menagerie of pets drawn on it by one of the players. 😭

I love it. As much as the system itself has been clunky and not aged well, the characters and enthusiasm they bring to the table have been so wonderful.


@nickwedig Rusalka completed! We set up a spread of hearty brown bread, soft butter, local honey, pickled herring with onion & dill, and some juicy pears. Or theme decks were Tides, Sacrifice, and Moonlight. We were silver-haired Yezibaba, galaxies in her eyes, Bodashka the starved, and shark-toothed Khalida, with seaweed for hair.

@WanderingBeekeeper Here's my contribution thus far to the Minecraft server I'm on! This is Hightower, a lonely little fortress half a day's travel southeast from spawn/where everyone else is building. I found a quartet of beautiful high cliffs with some rocky lowland and grass and thought "Yeah, heck yeah, I can build a little wizard's tower dealy over here." Further east, there are forest islands where sheep roam freely. In the hills to my west, there are other wild barnyard critters.

IT HAS BEGUN! Pictured: The air stones, tubing, and air pump I got. An unfiltered red wine vinegar with plenty of mother of vinegar from my butcher. A cheap bottle of claret.

The starter ended up being 124 grams. The Noma Guide to Fermentation recommends a 1:4 blend (20% starter, 80% stuff you want to acidify), so I aimed for 496 grams of claret but overshot by a smidge.

Artifacts created for my Masks of the Mummy Kings game tonight:
A map, with little scenery details and the gist of the rules
Notes for each room and the challenges within, plus a treasure table
A monster I created for room 1 using Maze Rats' monster tables, and what those results were

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Here we have the beginning of my first ever attempt at hot sauce -- and it'll be a lacto ferment! Bird's eye chiles, garlic, onion, carrot, and water, with 2.5% salt by weight.

If it's really spicy I'm thinking "Red Flag Hotfix Sauce," but if it's not too hot but nice and funky I'm thinking "Red Flag Bug Bash" for all the friendly microorganisms. Or maybe just "That's Funked Up" so that the joke is more universal.

I'm at a Management Development training now that I'm a QA Team Lead. During the breaks and over lunch, I generated and drew a Maze! I present to you: The Ash Waste Asylum, swept over by a lava flow, its inhabitants mummified in ash. A lone priest tends a garden in the former shrine, his firelight keeping the lurking ash statues at bay...

A coworker found out I'm the one who draws cats on the whiteboards and said he appreciates them! 🤗

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