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@MoeT I've never had much interaction with posts on here, so I've been posting less. I still peruse on a daily basis, though. I don't know whether any other platforms have managed to pick back up where G+ left off.

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In case you haven't seen elsewhere, the physical copies of Wolfspell have arrived and they are magnificent beasts! 🐺

I'm three sessions into my game of Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 1e and having a blast. Last session wrapped up the First Age's threats and Family goals so we advanced to the Second Age and my players came up with some super cool changes to their Families over the generations, as well as new threats emerging from our sandy waste of a world. I'm strongly considering buying the 2nd edition of the game to get the most playtested and streamlined rules, for whenever I next get to run this.

@Crash Yesterday I signed a job offer that's putting me back in video game QA, got accepted into the online Bachelor's Degree completion program I applied for, and today the dice for completing an RPG scenario-writing contest arrived! Life is good!

At last! The dice for completing the Trophy Dark Incursion-writing contest have arrived!!

Welcome to Kass' Quarantine Kitchen, where the rules are made up and the points don't matter! Tonight we've got leftover cabbage from corned beef, Smitten Kitchen's potato salad with dilly quick pickled cukes, and hot dogs with caramelized onions & a smear of homemade duck liver paté!

Got my offer letter from Proletariat to do game QA, my letter of acceptance into UMass Amherst's University Without Walls program to study Advocacy & Social Justice, and I made some duck live pate after roasting a duck the other day, so I'm gonna put that on a hot dog and NOBODY can stop me.

@goat My friends and I played a game of Fiasco with exactly that concept for one character!

Here's the latest addition to our little plant family! Sharing a home with Clive the Chive, I introduce you all to our basil, Rathbone!

@velexiraptor Forget using pricing to gate the best gear. Gimme them good good ridiculous costs that have no bearing on anything!

@CornishRepublicanArmy Yeah!! And I love his Drink Drop segments -- they run everywhere from classics and riffs on them (the Black Negroni which I will be making today with some Cynar) to more involved or creative options. It's such a treat when he pops in!

@kemonine Not from a mother, grand or otherwise, but so good that I always need to stop myself eating it with a spoon:

@sikkdays @nuhn "your whole life flashing before your eyes" is the one I hear most often.

@aoife I read that as "chorizo" at first. So, wishing you all the charisma _and_ chorizo your heart desires. 🙌

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My game Rusałka is in DrivethruRPG's current Doctors Without Borders bundle, along with some great stuff (Sig: Manual of the Primes, Malandros, Night's Black Agents, etc). Get cool stuff, send money to people fighting the virus at the same time.

@JasonT I feel like Fate does this pretty well, although not with explicit roles. It's just a matter of taking or not taking the particular skills that allow players to make declarations about the world. Although that does mostly mean that you're playing someone who just doesn't know things.

@a_breakin_glass @chillallmen defeat your meat, pwn your bones, thresh your flesh from the spiritual mesh... karate...
your body?

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