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At the temple Ceazhi on the island of Sifisturho, Priest Lord Trida turned to the novices. β€œYour first duty will be to find the Decanter of Endless Water that has been dropped in our realm two hundred years ago. As you know, at first people laughed. But our diviners are certain: Dazisizi left the decanter of Wriwripha open in revenge for the lack of respect he felt he was owed. Do not return to this temple until the decanter is found and plugged! Go now, my children.”

Learning to play D&D is more a study of philosophy than it is of rulebooks. Character classes, and saving throws, and combat mechanics are all just subsystems for resolving edge cases. The core mechanic of the game is conversation. Specifically, a Three Step Conversation.

1. The referee describes an environment.

2. The players describe their actions within that environment.

3. The referee describes how the environment changes.

In my experience, this back-and-forth effectively describes the vast majority of good play.

1st attempt at mapping for #dnd homebrew campaign. Plan is for this to be multi-level mine. Our party grew to 7 last week (oops) so I'm populating it with a balance of monsters to keep them occupied and slaves they need to free. Next week is the test. Goal is to nearly kill at least two of them somewhere in the next level of the mine.

#dndhomebrew #mapdrawing

If you (like me) use a lot of graph paper, here is some LaTeX code with lots of different styles that you can customize. Fee free to fork and make improvements!

(And send me pics of your best graphs, plots, dungeons, wilderness maps, etc.)

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