Coming to Kickstarter in September, my newest, darkest game...

Thoughts on decolonization, roleplaying games, and designing mechanics that decolonize

Link: Decolonizing My Games

Heya Gen Con goers!

For those of you who are Lesbisnake curious, my game A Cozy Den will be for sale at the IPR booth! Go get you or your Lesbisnake lovers a copy!

Is D&D the story of the sword or the carrier bag?

Link: The Carrier Bag Theory vs D&D

A list of things that help me stay focused on my game design goals

Link: Sticking To Design Goals

Ennies vs Oscars 2018... who's more progressive?

Link: Ennies vs Oscars

Whoa, I haven't been here in awhile. Sorry for the missed notifications! I kinda just forgot about it. Here's a vid:

Dropping some knowledge with this short video on game design tips 👇🏻 Link: Four Game Design Tips

I'm going to be playtesting my non-violent activist feels focused Cyberpunk game SYNC on Twitch this Sunday, 1pm EST. If you want to see how this PBtA game is shaping up, plug in your HUDs and roll your Be Vulnerable.

show link:

day 1 - who is ya?

Jo Saan, I'm Jaye Foster. I'm a white male nihilist/socialist/Buddhist. When not chasing around my toddler I sit at work cultivating my anxiety. I'm the co-author of Age of Legends, the Author of Poor Amongst the Stars and a blog writer for @6d6rpg

#AprilTTRPGMaker Day 1: Who are you?

I'm Sabe Jones. My given name is Edward, but that makes me "Edward Jones" and thus subjects me to tiresome jokes about investment banking. So I go by "Sabe", which is an abbreviation of my go-to Internet username "SabreCat". You may also see the handle "Elseleth" in places, which is the name of an elder god I came up with for a Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition game, years ago!

1. I'm Neal. Through the imprint Parenthesis Press, I make games. You probably haven't heard of them.

day 2 - where are you?

Previously of small town south coast UK, I now reside in Hong Kong, a vassal city state of the Chinese Empire.

The word I would most associate with HK would be juxtaposition. No where else have I experienced such diversity sometimes only a brick wall apart.

I missed day 1, so I'll do days 1 & 2 together:
I'm Jacob Kellogg, founder of Purple Aether Games and a 30-something Minnesotan trying desperately to launch a career in game design. I live in a tiny apartment near Saint Paul with my wife; no kids, no pets (though she wants a dog eventually).

◯/π. Where ya at?

Broadcasting from sunny Gamefield in the beating heart of Massachusetts—where the game design is so fine, they built a town around it.

At least, that's how the legend goes.

More precisely, I'm at Another Castle, but that's a tale for another day.

Day 1: Who are you? (I forgot to post this here yesterday!)

I'm Aslan. I've dabbled in design and worldbuilding for my game groups for many years. For the last 3 months I've been working on my first major TTRPG project (a BitD hack). Recently, I've been wanting to design in a more open, public way and get involved with the community. I'm happiest when collaboratively designing or making great stories with folks!

Day 2: "Where ya at?"

Physically you'll usually find me in Hull, England. Mentally I'm trying to balance my design + play ambitions amid my depression and anxiety (and procrastination...) bugbears. Today's off to a great start; super motivated!

I might approach from the boardgaming side of things as I'm neither an RPG designer, creator, nor writer, yet I want to join in on the fun.

#AprilTTRPGMaker Day 2: Where ya at?

Physical location? A suburb of Madison, WI, USA, home of the Forge Midwest tabletop games convention coming up at the end of this month! It's not a bad place to live, except for the fact it's in the United States, what with the terrible healthcare and the fascism and all.

day 2: where ya at?

Near Seattle: "Eastside" (of the lake, that is, where the wine tasting is). Nestled between green belts in a 40-year-old house that had two sets of eclectic owners. Slowly morphing everything about it to fit our aesthetic.

Day 2: Where ya at?

Geographically: Long Beach, CA
Professionally: I’ve been at the same company for 13 years. Probably a record for video games
Gaming: I run 2 D&D games at work and a Fate game at home.
Emotionally: It’s complicated. Buy me a drink.

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