Hi! I'm a ttrpg and larp game designer & queer feminist cyborg living in Columbus, Ohio.

I've been making games since 2012. Notably:

- Mobilize, about lesbian mechanics in WW2 (winner of IGDN award 2017)

- Selfie, in the anthology (showcased in SFMoma 2017)

- RESISTOR, a rad zine about cyberwitches

I'm on twitter @kiranansi. I post adorable snake pics.

I have a patreon where I'm trying to write weird games full time please support me!

@kiramagrann Hi Kira! Nice to see you here. I didn’t know about Mobilize and now I reeeeeeeeeeally want to play it.

@mathayles Hiya thnxu! Gosh its really good it has made people cry. My favorite part are the gender performance and presentation workshops, they tend to blow peoples minds.

@kiramagrann i'm also from Columbus! you have such a good snake and resistor sounds extremely up my alley

@ebeth Oh so cool! I love meeting more columbus gamers! Resistor can be got on drivethrurpg. :D What kinds of games do you play?

@kiramagrann i haven't been doing much since college but i'm hoping to get back into tabletop more. i love getting together for weird one-shots, especially since scheduling is tough - recently finished up a big muthafucking crab truckers game that ended up taking 2 sessions but it was so worth it

also recently started playing blood bowl which is a warhammer x american football miniatures game - signed up for the ohio league this year and have no idea what to expect but hopefully it will be fun!

@kiramagrann Wait, there's a game about about lesbian mechanics in WW2 😮 how did I not know this??

@makemeasammich YESSSSSSSSS. It's one of the things I'm most proud of making. :D

@kiramagrann I have an unfinished (currently languishing) novel about this. I must play your game.

@makemeasammich oh awesome! Yea I read coming out under fire and that was my big inspiration.

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