I'm exploring the idea of having game design fellows in my lab - a cohort of 2-4 indie designers who spend ~4 hours per month doing things with us (remotely).

What would you want to get out of this kind of relationship to make it worth your while?

What would be things you would want to contribute?

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@kleenestar We have something similar for our ecology labs. I think we call it Research Experience for blah. I am thinking about your questions.

@kleenestar For me, the two biggies are accountability and the elaboration/evolution/heightening of ideas with a group. I know a lot of Pretty Good Designers (including myself) do a lot of fine work on their own, but everything is elevated 100x when other folks add their flavors to the mix.

Contributing? I feel like I've got a really strong intuition for mechanics that support play styles, and a good "directorial style", I guess, to help tease out what other folks want from their ideas.

@kleenestar i think one thing i could contribute would be (in addition to design and play) experience in the printing/layout/distribution side of things, being able to point out how that might inform and shape design. e.g. decisions you make about how to display page numbers in a text can have a big impact on the play of that game.

what i'd want to get out is probably a combination of networking and just the enjoyment of having enthusiastic game discussion in an orderly space

@kleenestar That would be delightful. From my perspective, the benefit I would have would be to engage in translating operational game design techniques and theories to the academic literature. I would want to share some relatively novel mechanic and be told about relevant scholarship I could explore. This would conversely give the lab a more holistic view of the practical concerns.

Y'know, what I think you have access to that I don't is cross-disciplinary conversations. I would love to participate with your students in conversations with poets, playwrights, psychologists, schoolteachers, community activists, etc, about the intersection of their disciplines and games. I think I would bring a perspective of someone who's been making and publishing games in an artful and socially purposeful way, and as a parent of kid with his own relationship to games.

Want: A line item on my CV/resume, eg speaker/fellow/etc.. Invitation to sit in on other fellows’ presentations/workshops.
Contribute: Talking about games I’ve designed, talk about the course I teach, and external review of student games.

This sounds really interesting to me! I might be a bit blunt in this answer, but it beats being vague :)
I'd want to get to know new students in game design, a credit line I could add to my resume (Guest lecturer/design fellow/consultant/whatever at CMU, 20--), to be paid at the same rate as an academic guest/fellow/etc, and make connections to other academics who value design experience outside the academic track that could include invitations to be part of other projects.

What I'd offer is an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to game design, 20 yrs experience in publishing, 30 yrs experience in designing for a diverse number of populations, a commitment to player agency and consent, and an enthusiasm & confidence in play and the human ability to create.

I'd love to hear more about your thoughts and plans!

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