Listening to the audiobook of Steal Like an Artist, and finding it genuinely inspiring. In that vein, a ttrpg design exercise for those who think they can’t come up with ideas (or even those that do):

Name your favourite rpg
Now name you favourite media property
Hack the former to play what you live about the latter

I promise, I’m the course of doing so you will design something original enough.


@linnaeus holy shit not sure how I am going to hack The Count of Monte Christo with Nobilis but it sounds amazing

@kleenestar So I’ve only read Three Musketeers so far and only know Nobilis by reputation but…

Embodiments of the spirit of swashbuckling sounds promising?

@kleenestar @linnaeus In our Nobilis campaign we had at least two epic swordfighting duels (one where the Power of Cooking fought an Excrucian on a burning zeppelin, one where the god of Penmanship fought somebody... maybe an angel?), so I think it would work.

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