The second Modifier, Cross, is associated with religion, duty, selflessness, burden, and suffering.

Ring+Cross could be an unhappy marriage, but it could also be talking about the duties and work to keep a relationship stable.

So altogether, I read this as a reminder that a happy partnership still requires work to maintain; responsibility for that work is shared between partners, but do not be afraid to act selflessly.

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Let's break it down

The Subject, Ring, can be marriage, but it can be other partnerships, commitments, agreements, promises, and offers

The first Modifier, Sun, has to do with happiness, warmth, courage, and confidence

So from Ring+Sun we get our "happy partnership"

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Today's draw: Sun, Ring, Cross

ie the"happy wife, happy life" spread, lol

There's potential for the frustration and difficulty of dealing with him to be worth it, to afford good insight or to "lead the way in the darkness"

But caution is required -- a candle sets things aflame as easily as it illuminates

(if you're reading this, it's not you)

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Today's reading: Candle, Animus, Mountain

The most straightforward one I've had yet:

"A difficult and dangerous man"

Bringing it all together, I'd read Void+Sun+Moth as:

"The possibility of success -- many successes! -- is out there, but be careful not to get lost in the process of finding it, or overwhelmed by victory once you achieve it"

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From another angle, you can look at this spread left to right and see each symbol overlaid on the previous: the Sun in the Void, the Moth before the Sun. Like a camera zooming in to find the subject, but from cosmic level to that of a tiny creature

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Sun+Void could be the possibility of success, or unexpected success

Sun+Moth feels like it's about the search for or progress toward success

Moth and Sun is interesting imagery because we think of moths as being attracted to light, but they are _nocturnal_ creatures. A moth attracted to the sun is a lot like Icarus; too much of a good thing, too much ambition. You can imagine the moth crowing that it has the biggest, brightest prize in the world -- just before burning up

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Today's draw: Void, Sun, Moth

a very moody set, art-wise. strong visual theme of circles

let's dig in!

The Subject, Sun, is success, recognition, victory, energy

The first modifier, Void, can be empty, but it could also be possibility; endless, unknowable

The second modifier, Moth, is active, hidden, compelled, nocturnal, possibly misdirected

@PaulCzege I've only played 2 sessions of Traverser, but I *cannot* say enough good things about the faring system -- I love it!

My most recent characters are people with severe PTSD that either live on an island of year-round Valentine's Day or suddenly find themself in post-capitalist utopia and are unable to cope, so I think I'd do pretty well in their places.

The first of them is a gondolier, so I don't think she'd do well at my software engineering job, but the other is basically from now-but-even-worse and has quantum powers, so I think she'd figure it out and do alright

Call me RIFT --

Royal Blood
In Her Footsteps
For the Queen
Thirsty Sword Lesbians

As a little bonus for these Red Hand Lenormand card designs in particular, the Fungi, Tree, and House connect lines to form a little scene of a hill of mushrooms and tree overlooking a cathedral

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I think there's a reading of these cards as something like "decay of family health," but that's not really the vibe I'm picking up

Instead I read them as "balance expanding friend circles with keeping my closest community stable" -- whether that expansion is by venturing outside my own comfort zone (Fungi) or by others joining my community (House)

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Today's reading:

Fungi, Tree, House

The Subject, Tree, is life, growth, health

Fungi is collaborative, multiplying, resilient

So Tree+Fungi might be expanding growth, maybe new areas

House is stability, comfort, family

Tree+House might be family life or in-circle community

As it happens, today I had a long, deep conversation with a friend, and one of the topics was masculinity, including some thoughts and experiences I rarely share with others

... and also, now I'm noticing that on my second screen I have a video pulled up called "The Lighthouse, Twilight, and Masculinity" -- Animus+Birds+Anchor seems as close as you can express that in Lenormand, too 😂

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Birds+Animus _could_ be talking to a man -- I am married to one of those

Birds+Anchor might be a safe, stabilizing conversation with a friend

I'm not sure how to mirror Animus and Anchor here -- I'll have to give it more thought

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Today's reading:

Animus, Birds, Anchor

I'll admit, this one's perplexing me, but that is sort of the point of the exercise

The Subject is Birds, which is communication, conversation, companionship

The first modifier is Animus: masculine, or a man

The second modifier is Anchor: stable, secure, resilient

Star has to do with hope, optimism, inspiration, idealism, which makes it an interesting one to combine with worries

For me, Mice+Star brings to mind the phrase 'yacht problems' -- as in, "we can solve this problem from the deck of our yacht; we will only run into this problem if we're successful"

So altogether, I might read this spread as something like "don't get caught up in false choices and future problems"

Is that how you would interpret it? What reading do you suggest?

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Today's reading:

3 card spread with the Animatxs, Mice, and Star

I read that in a 3 card lenormand spread, you can interpret the middle card as the subject, and the left and right cards as modifiers that mirror each other

The Subject, Mice, can be worries or loss

The first modifier, Animatxs, can be about gender, but it can also have to do with binary/non-binary

So with Mice+Animatxs that could be something like 'a false dichotomy'

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