Pixel Occult's Lost Hollow Tarot was an instant favorite of mine, so when I found out about the Red Hand Lenormand I jumped at the chance to grab this gorgeous deck

Lenormand reading is a bit different from tarot, focusing more on card combinations and layered meanings. I want to improve my interpretive abilities, so I'll be posting daily* card draws with potential interpretations

I'll try to consistently use the tag so anyone who doesn't want to see it can mute


Today's reading:

3 card spread with the Animatxs, Mice, and Star

I read that in a 3 card lenormand spread, you can interpret the middle card as the subject, and the left and right cards as modifiers that mirror each other

The Subject, Mice, can be worries or loss

The first modifier, Animatxs, can be about gender, but it can also have to do with binary/non-binary

So with Mice+Animatxs that could be something like 'a false dichotomy'

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Star has to do with hope, optimism, inspiration, idealism, which makes it an interesting one to combine with worries

For me, Mice+Star brings to mind the phrase 'yacht problems' -- as in, "we can solve this problem from the deck of our yacht; we will only run into this problem if we're successful"

So altogether, I might read this spread as something like "don't get caught up in false choices and future problems"

Is that how you would interpret it? What reading do you suggest?

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