Today's reading:

Animus, Birds, Anchor

I'll admit, this one's perplexing me, but that is sort of the point of the exercise

The Subject is Birds, which is communication, conversation, companionship

The first modifier is Animus: masculine, or a man

The second modifier is Anchor: stable, secure, resilient

Birds+Animus _could_ be talking to a man -- I am married to one of those

Birds+Anchor might be a safe, stabilizing conversation with a friend

I'm not sure how to mirror Animus and Anchor here -- I'll have to give it more thought


As it happens, today I had a long, deep conversation with a friend, and one of the topics was masculinity, including some thoughts and experiences I rarely share with others

... and also, now I'm noticing that on my second screen I have a video pulled up called "The Lighthouse, Twilight, and Masculinity" -- Animus+Birds+Anchor seems as close as you can express that in Lenormand, too 😂

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@konahart I (unsarcastically) like this retroactive interpretation approach, it's very empirical. 😁

@relsqui to be fair to the cards (???), I drew them before the conversation but hadn't dug in into interpretation

Empirical is certainly the first word I'd use to describe card reading 😅

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