Today's draw: Void, Sun, Moth

a very moody set, art-wise. strong visual theme of circles

let's dig in!

The Subject, Sun, is success, recognition, victory, energy

The first modifier, Void, can be empty, but it could also be possibility; endless, unknowable

The second modifier, Moth, is active, hidden, compelled, nocturnal, possibly misdirected

Sun+Void could be the possibility of success, or unexpected success

Sun+Moth feels like it's about the search for or progress toward success

Moth and Sun is interesting imagery because we think of moths as being attracted to light, but they are _nocturnal_ creatures. A moth attracted to the sun is a lot like Icarus; too much of a good thing, too much ambition. You can imagine the moth crowing that it has the biggest, brightest prize in the world -- just before burning up


From another angle, you can look at this spread left to right and see each symbol overlaid on the previous: the Sun in the Void, the Moth before the Sun. Like a camera zooming in to find the subject, but from cosmic level to that of a tiny creature

Bringing it all together, I'd read Void+Sun+Moth as:

"The possibility of success -- many successes! -- is out there, but be careful not to get lost in the process of finding it, or overwhelmed by victory once you achieve it"

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