Experimenting with table formats (let me know which one you like!), but in the meantime have a little sneak preview of what I'm working on for spooky month! 👀🎃

Character study via hands of one of the characters in my Traverser game

Art was the perfect combat soldier, and made use of her quantum powers to achieve optimal results at any price -- including her hands.

In the Since, Art has struggled to leave her threat-seeking instincts behind. She is learning to see the wonder in the world -- such as the Best Cup of Coffee imagineable --, express herself, be vulnerable, and see the possibility for growth in others.

Today's draw: Sun, Ring, Cross

ie the"happy wife, happy life" spread, lol

Today's reading: Candle, Animus, Mountain

The most straightforward one I've had yet:

"A difficult and dangerous man"

Today's draw: Void, Sun, Moth

a very moody set, art-wise. strong visual theme of circles

let's dig in!

The Subject, Sun, is success, recognition, victory, energy

The first modifier, Void, can be empty, but it could also be possibility; endless, unknowable

The second modifier, Moth, is active, hidden, compelled, nocturnal, possibly misdirected

My most recent characters are people with severe PTSD that either live on an island of year-round Valentine's Day or suddenly find themself in post-capitalist utopia and are unable to cope, so I think I'd do pretty well in their places.

The first of them is a gondolier, so I don't think she'd do well at my software engineering job, but the other is basically from now-but-even-worse and has quantum powers, so I think she'd figure it out and do alright

Call me RIFT --

Royal Blood
In Her Footsteps
For the Queen
Thirsty Sword Lesbians

Today's reading:

Fungi, Tree, House

The Subject, Tree, is life, growth, health

Fungi is collaborative, multiplying, resilient

So Tree+Fungi might be expanding growth, maybe new areas

House is stability, comfort, family

Tree+House might be family life or in-circle community

Today's reading:

Animus, Birds, Anchor

I'll admit, this one's perplexing me, but that is sort of the point of the exercise

The Subject is Birds, which is communication, conversation, companionship

The first modifier is Animus: masculine, or a man

The second modifier is Anchor: stable, secure, resilient

Today's reading:

3 card spread with the Animatxs, Mice, and Star

I read that in a 3 card lenormand spread, you can interpret the middle card as the subject, and the left and right cards as modifiers that mirror each other

The Subject, Mice, can be worries or loss

The first modifier, Animatxs, can be about gender, but it can also have to do with binary/non-binary

So with Mice+Animatxs that could be something like 'a false dichotomy'

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Pixel Occult's Lost Hollow Tarot was an instant favorite of mine, so when I found out about the Red Hand Lenormand I jumped at the chance to grab this gorgeous deck

Lenormand reading is a bit different from tarot, focusing more on card combinations and layered meanings. I want to improve my interpretive abilities, so I'll be posting daily* card draws with potential interpretations

I'll try to consistently use the tag so anyone who doesn't want to see it can mute

Corporate Pride / Rainbow capitalism has really gotten on my nerves this year, so I am celebrating 🏳️‍🌈 Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈 with a Queer Art Anti-Sale.

Pay more for my work. Pay more for other queer artists' work. Directly support queer artists. Stop paying for rainbows that will never benefit the queer community.


I finally had time to fix up cover art for The Admirer, a playbook I wrote for Thirsty Sword Lesbians

Hopefully soon I'll make a thread about the themes and how they're expressed by the play mechanics

Going to be streaming some layout and design work around 7pm PDT tonight!



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