I can't wait for next weekend's (Sept 30 - Oct 2) Go Play NW online event! Who else will be there?


@PaulCzege Not a solution for every game or relationship, but I like the novelty of the Ship Tease mechanic Christie created for her Valentines-themedThirsty Sword Lesbians setting Isle Always Be Falling in Love. I especially like how it lets the players agree on what general pace/trope they want the relationship to have without predetermining every emotional beat


"How to use these tables" text shamelessly stolen from Thirsty Sword Lesbians: Advanced Lovers and Lesbians, btw!

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Experimenting with table formats (let me know which one you like!), but in the meantime have a little sneak preview of what I'm working on for spooky month! 👀🎃

Character study via hands of one of the characters in my Traverser game

Art was the perfect combat soldier, and made use of her quantum powers to achieve optimal results at any price -- including her hands.

In the Since, Art has struggled to leave her threat-seeking instincts behind. She is learning to see the wonder in the world -- such as the Best Cup of Coffee imagineable --, express herself, be vulnerable, and see the possibility for growth in others.

making good choices about playing spooky games before bed

seriously though Dark Dome's escape room/adventure puzzle games on android are great. I love the aesthetic and the creativity of the puzzles without being too complicated or frustrating. the stories are interrelated but each 1-2 hour game stands alone, like a bunch of short stories set in the same spooky town.

they're free, and well worth a 99c upgrade for adless hints and a bonus scene, imo


Octopus as a Subject is a multitasker, wit, camouflage, surprise

These are all themes I like a lot and identify with, so it's an exciting and personal Subject for me. It makes me think of the "mastermind," the "spider," orchestrating a heist

Modifier Goat is chaotic, mischievous, excitable, inexplicable, rebellious, sustaining, determined, difficult, useful

Modifier Fungi is collaborative, multiplying, resilient, quirky

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To start the visual energy of this spread is so good. Octopus brings a lot of dynamism, while goat and fungi visually stabilize it.

Also interesting that *all* of these cards are extensions from the original set, specific to the Red Hand Lenormand -- no reference books here!

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I contend that ttrpgs are good because sometimes you do things like interpret "flattery will get me everywhere" literally, and build a bridge out of pure flattery to escape the consequences of your actions

@glenatron More script-like, but really anything's fine as long as it isn't one big paragraph.

The second Modifier, Cross, is associated with religion, duty, selflessness, burden, and suffering.

Ring+Cross could be an unhappy marriage, but it could also be talking about the duties and work to keep a relationship stable.

So altogether, I read this as a reminder that a happy partnership still requires work to maintain; responsibility for that work is shared between partners, but do not be afraid to act selflessly.

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Let's break it down

The Subject, Ring, can be marriage, but it can be other partnerships, commitments, agreements, promises, and offers

The first Modifier, Sun, has to do with happiness, warmth, courage, and confidence

So from Ring+Sun we get our "happy partnership"

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Today's draw: Sun, Ring, Cross

ie the"happy wife, happy life" spread, lol

There's potential for the frustration and difficulty of dealing with him to be worth it, to afford good insight or to "lead the way in the darkness"

But caution is required -- a candle sets things aflame as easily as it illuminates

(if you're reading this, it's not you)

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Today's reading: Candle, Animus, Mountain

The most straightforward one I've had yet:

"A difficult and dangerous man"

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