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Pixel Occult's Lost Hollow Tarot was an instant favorite of mine, so when I found out about the Red Hand Lenormand I jumped at the chance to grab this gorgeous deck

Lenormand reading is a bit different from tarot, focusing more on card combinations and layered meanings. I want to improve my interpretive abilities, so I'll be posting daily* card draws with potential interpretations

I'll try to consistently use the tag so anyone who doesn't want to see it can mute

which is to say: if you've got a favorite system, one you're puzzling through, or even one you're in the process of creating, I'd love to play with you!

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I love trying new-to-me systems, and even if they don't immediately flow for me, I relish the process of gaining system mastery, learning the ins and outs that let a game shine

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I want to keep trying, and test the boundaries of what Turn of the Cards can do -- I don't think I've fully experienced what it has to offer

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It was an interesting experience because I realized that I *love* "yes, but" (success with a complication) as an outcome. I found that I often wanted to add complication to a scene, but the mechanical way to do that was to intentionally fail

It makes me appreciate that "yes, but" being the average outcome in most Forged in the Dark and Powered by the Apocalypse games is the exact distribution I want, actually

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-- but combined with the "Wear and Tear" mechanic that decreases your hand size every turn, using great cards on trivial actions becomes very dangerous. You only get 15 cards in your hand in a game!

As a result, it actually kept me from taking any action where I didn't care to critically succeed (eg investigate an object just out of interest, check what Lore I know, etc)

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Turn of the Card ( seems interesting, but I don't have the hang of it yet. It has a tarot-based resolution system, where Minor Arcana can be used to upgrade skills, and Major Arcana can be used to take narrative control of a scene (within reason)

The bit I got stuck on was drawing "too good a hand" -- with a hand full of Major Arcana, I can get a 'critical success' at whatever I try, which *sounds* great --

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Due to unfamiliarity, I spend a lot of reading and rereading mid-game, which adds confusion and slows things down. I can't think in character because I'm busy trying to understand what I'm supposed to be doing. There's a lot of text, and each game (scene) is governed by a separate set of rules

I can imagine the format singing once I get to the point of "I know how this game goes," but I'm still far from there

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Firebrands is a format that organizes its play in a series of highly-structured 'games' (mini games or scenes). I don't have a strong handle on it yet, but I want to keep trying with it and develop mastery

Every game I've played, we've gotten through too few 'games' to really develop characters or tell a story -- in the only game of The King is Dead (same format) I've played, we played 'War' as an opening and then ran out of time for anything else

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So far, I've struggled with Firebrands and Turn of the Card; played a one-page game that was super refreshing in its simplicity; and spent 3-4 hours reading Nobilis, a game I've wanted to play for a long time but hadn't invested the time into learning

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During and after GoPlayNW this past weekend, I've been getting more and more into trying out with unfamiliar formats

The Pandemic really got me into a place of "comfort gaming only" -- only games I already knew, with people I already knew. Before that I was trying a lot of new stuff, playing small games, playing a lot more one-shots, making new connections. It's nice to get back to that experimental mindset, even with the pandemic still ongoing

Corporate Pride / Rainbow capitalism has really gotten on my nerves this year, so I am celebrating 🏳️‍🌈 Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈 with a Queer Art Anti-Sale.

Pay more for my work. Pay more for other queer artists' work. Directly support queer artists. Stop paying for rainbows that will never benefit the queer community.

Initially this thought was about Garak and Quark as a Slide and Spider,

but there's something really compelling about a BitD gang trying to hide in the walls of DS9 -- dodging Ops and Bajoran security forces; making deals in the dangerous, disused Cardassian sections of the station; trying not to get caught up in the Dominion War

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named after the Gem and the Holograms character 💖

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