Gotta make my first ever toot extra special, so here are some new I picked up recently! The purple ones are from and the golden d20 is from ! πŸ’›

@liltrashpanda Neat! How do the GameScience feel to handle? I've yet to take the plunge on those...

@cardboard Really good! They're lighter than most dice I've used, and have a good bounce to them when rolled without going crazy and flying off the table. I like the pointy edges, and there's only some very minor sprues I'll need to file off. The inking is perfect, and the clarity of the dice is really nice as well. I could honestly go on and on πŸ˜‹

@liltrashpanda Sounds like they're worth a punt! I should stop by my to see if they have some.

@cardboard Ooh, hopefully they have them! I don't think mine carries them. Either way, there's always their online store and they're pretty reasonably priced!

@liltrashpanda Sadly I'm across the pond, but I'll check it out. If shipping isn't reasonable, there's always the dice vendors at the next con! (Or in in October, for that matter.)

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