What are your favourite resources on safety tools for TTRPG play? I have Script Change RPG Toolbox by Beau Jágr Sheldon and the Fate Accessibility Toolkit. Looking for what to refer folks to as good places to start in a rulebook since I am largely unqualified to put together a toolkit myself.

@linnaeus The OK Check-In

I find this one to be way less invasive and great for more than just safety and making sure people are on board with anything going on during a game.


@linnaeus This is a form for players to fill out to set expectations rather than a rulebook, but it seems like it could be helpful.

@linnaeus My standards are Script Change, Lines and Veils, and making the Open Door Policy explicit.

@majcher Do you have any preferred places to point folks to for info on Lines and Veils or the Open Door Policy?

@linnaeus I regularly use Lines & Veils, Open door and x-card

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