(Trait driven but with two stats/attributes covering mental and physical activity – Kosmo and Saur)

Nothing revolutionary, not high art, nothing you haven’t seen before, but clean, well-assembled and rollicking fun. Not at the top of my want to play list but I will play without complaint. Worth the money, and escapism might be more important now than ever.


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Bought Kosmossaurs today and gave it a good solid skim. It’s rollicking pulpy space adventure as it looks like, system is trait-based and d6 dice pools, pretty solid down the middle of the plate adventure RPG design with marvellous flavour (helped by Kirby-flavoured cartoony art) and NSRish random tables to support the imagination. Respect between the players for sensitivities is covered, but not hard sold.

It’s 11 years old but, if I say so myself, I did some pretty damn good writing about games on Tumblr


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Getting together with Misha B, Jay, and Jeremiah to play some Under Hollow Hills this Sunday evening on the Actual Play twitch channel.


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Boost if you remember the times when GIFs were used for transparency instead of animation. #retro #RetroCompuing

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@linnaeus Nice!

I don't think there's a best editor in the world; I know I'm certainly not either. Different people will click with different projects, and there's no shame in that.

If you want a similar example for a one-page product, I blogged a freebie editing gig (with permission) about a decade ago...


A lot of designers wonder what an editor will do for a rulebook. I won’t say this is the best example possible, but it is conveniently publicly available and shows step by step. I would probably make different suggestions than this (or any other) editor, so no direct comments on the quality of the feedback (it’s not like I am the best editor in the world), it’s just an indication what you might expect to see as feedback


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Looks like today is gonna be a big pain day.

Want to tell me about a cool creature in a game or story you enjoy?

No real restrictions, I could just use something interesting to think about and I love critters. Even real ones are rad, so feel free to share something nerdy!

Oh and please boost, I'd like to hear from anyone.

My fave cryptid is the squonk, which cries a lot and can dissolve into a puddle of tears if startled. It's a little warty guy, very special and strange!

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Quick, before r/rpg Redditors will downvote it and delete into oblivion!

Summing up misconceptions about what PbtA really is finally reached Reddit:


@matt I need to wait for payday to buy, but I’m going to grab it and I’ll report findings after I give it a skim.

Not that I disagree with you about how nice previews would be 🙂

Saw this on itch. The DNA is Lasers and Feelings and FitD. Hoping it’s half as fun as it sounds.

You are a dinosaur. You are a Kosmo Ranger. You are a Kosmosaur—a protector of the galaxy. You and your companions travel through the stars to help all sorts of people, planets, and organizations by preventing disasters, battling assassin robots, banishing chaos mutants from the Void Dimension, and facing all kinds of weird dangers.


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You and your people are huddled around the fire. One of the stars falls from the sky into a nearby valley. Everyone in the area must've seen it on such a clear, crisp night.

What do you do?

Yeah, I want to play this thing.


@clarkvalentine I probably would have been one of the reassuring ones at that time, but yeah, it’s through the looking glass now.

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RT @lumpleygames
The Last Adventure is coming very soon. Sign up here to be notified when we launch:

Please link, share and reshare. is an experiment for us and we want it to go well.

We're excited to publish this game!

Just reached the end of Severance.

I am not amused 😭

@thoughty My instincts are screaming at me to be reassuring and say it’s okay but then my brain kicks in and reminds me I have no idea what you’ve been through or with whom.

Take care of yourself, feel better.

Genuinely useful thread in balance and fairness over on the other microblogging site (h/t Rob Donoghue)


I want to hang a lantern on a key point. Perceptions of fairness are subjective and don’t conform to objective analysis. Doing the math is not enough to get you there with game balance. You need to account for people’s perceptions of randomness, probability and general math not lining up with reality, even when good at math.

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The @DianaJonesAward committee is pleased to announce the finalists for this year's Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming. In alphabetical order, they are:

• Across RPGSEA
• Ajit George
• Haunted West
• Mothership

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