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Nächsten Freitag gibts bei uns mal wieder eine Runde Oldschool D&D. Neue Spieler sind willkommen und melden sich am besten in der Taverne:

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SVG map: Description: And some random names: Inuphu Prfestuflo Chofe Chozhiqo Zhirherhe Drostudadro Inuqonurhe Danustucho Ichowhu Icho Zhiqo Phufenu Prfoi Stustu Inucho Daqozhiqo Fechoqofo Rhefogezhi Gecho Dronuzhi #textmapper #hex #map #rpg

I finally grok the advangtage of screen + text client. 🤦‍♂️

Any recommendations for interesting general hangout irc channels?

@ohyran found anything related yet?

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Heute ist der #GratisRollenspielTag! In #Hamburg wird dieser u. a. im #WuerfelUndZucker veranstaltet. Ich werde dort sein und die ein oder andere #MIDGARD5 #Spielrunde anbieten. Um 15 Uhr startet das Spektakel. 🤩 #GRT2019 #gratisrollenspieltag2019 #Brettspielcafe #MIDGARD #M5

shouldn't searches for hashtags yield the same results on all servers?

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In the last few months:
- Tumblr purged adult content (and a bunch of stuff it misindentified).
- Flickr purged free storage above a limit of 1000 photos/account.
- Myspace deleted 12 years' worth of music.

And Google+ only has two weeks left before Google pulls its plug.

Back up your accounts!

And if you can, consider donating to the Internet Archive.

Nächsten Freitag gibts bei uns mal wieder eine Runde Oldschool D&D. Neue Spieler sind willkommen und melden sich am besten in der Taverne:

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An interesting starting point for anybody who has no background in statistics (like me) who sometimes is confronted with people you feel draw the wrong conclusions but you can’t quite put your finger on it. I need these reminders from time to time.

I'm thinking of a simplified encumberance system for :

You have the usual encumberance levels referenced by move: 12", 9", 6", and 3" . Armor gives your base encumberance, say 9" for studded leather, having "gear" lowers move by one level and so does carrying "treasure". So move for the studded leather guy, carrying gear and treasure would be 3". This is mitigated by strength modifier. Conan STR 18 (+3) could wear plate, carry his gear and some treasure and still move leasurely at 9"

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Four days to go... Just in case ... I'm not settled yet, it's a lot of money if you add shipping to Europe, but I like a lot...

I'm still working on the equipment list for my house rules.

Equipment cost in early editions is a mess ... OD&D, Holmes, B/X, AD&D and their respective clones all seem to have their idiosyncrasies. Let alone gp to sp exchange rates ... Anyone ever thought of setting up a cross reference?

Hi @joshgaming , just saw you're following me on my other account. I'm using this account most of the time 😉

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Happy International Working Women's day everyone!

Remember: this is a socialist holiday celebrating women's struggles and their contributions to the vanguard party of revolution. It's been celebrated by socialists for over 100 years now, and was only adopted by the capitalist pigdogs in the 1970s because they wanted to throw feminists a bone.

"Equal pay for equal work? How about we make March 8th "Good Girl Day" instead?"

Struggle on, sisters. <3

It's again!

In our game of set in the far future vertical city of Colossa the party will be send on a diplomatic mission to retrieve a hostage from the cat people in exchange for an ancient artefact of the "Amakati". The true danger however looms among the decadently rich people of "the core" Will they find out what's going on? will they at last allie with the Amakati?

So what's up at your gaming tables tonight?

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The fact that AI driven cars can be trapped by salt circles should be reason enough to never use one.

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