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I just realized: when you add some fill in blanks and check boxes to your character templates, you in effect get playbooks à la PbtA.

Glad I found the rule for sewing on buttons ... 😆

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Wenn wir noch 6.988 Leute überzeugen können, diese Petition zu unterzeichnen, kriegen wir endlich einen verpflichtenden Klimaschutz mit Nettoemissionen von 0 bis 2040 und empfindlichen Strafen. #FridaysForFuture

folks, here is a challenge: write an *epic one shot adventure* with these features:

1. Basic D&D / OD&D RAW
2. playable in one session (3 - 4 hours)
3. in the end each of 2 - 5 PCs should legitimately gain a level.

Today I thought about the semantic difference between "1d6" and "1-6".

1d6 obviously asks for a die roll, but 1-6 can be read as: pick a number between 1 and 6 OR roll 1d6.

Picking a number intentionally feels much different from fudging a roll. Could be the difference between a clumsy rescue and a wise GMs ruling ...

For quite a while I felt sort of unsure about my , unsure about not entertaining enough, or being to harsh in our games. But then yesterday one of my player friends gave me this super awesome hand made dice case with my initials on it ...

Guess I did something right ... 😊

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"So you've narrowly passed your +4 athletics check to not careen your rocket powered wingsuit into the underside of a police cruiser, but---"

"I want to do a loop!"

"Uh, okay. If you fail, you'll set off a chain of events that eventually leads to you being stranded unarmed deep in hostile territory, and if you succeed a loop. Are you sure you---"

"I do a loop!"

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Quite sentimental but also quite nice: "I still love the internet, but I’d rather have a real friendship with a half-elf bard than a thousand faceless followers."

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Seit Freitag ist eine neue Episode von #SteamTinkerersKlönschnack online. In der 8. "regulären" Episode führt die Reise in den hohen der #Fantasywelt #Midgard. Das sagenumwobene EIS sowie die Thursen, ein Riesenvolk, werden besprochen. Viel Spaß beim Hören! #MIDGARD5 #M5 #DasFantasyRollenspiel #FantasyRollenspiel #Podcast

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Just an #FYI on this #followfriday for new #mastodon users (heck, old ones too).

If you create an account on a node, write up an #introduction post and fill out your profile THEN start following people. Some people will have locked accounts to manually approve followers and if you have nothing introducing yourself, people may not allow you or ignore you. Providing some detail about yourself only strengthens the #fediverse.

Also look at trunk:

Boost for coverage.

It's again. We'll have another session in our homebrew campaign with mostly new players, yay!

We started using RAW rules about two years ago, but tonight will see a test drive of my set of houserules *Menschen & Magie*.

Also the players will get a fresh start at a small village not far from a huge dungeon complex called by the locals ...

So what's up at your gaming tables tonight?

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In der neuen #Ausgebüxt Episode klönen David & Mirco über den #GRT2019. Es werden Gespräche mit Mitspielerinnen und Mitspielern sowie mit Spielleitern präsentiert, die im #WuerfelundZucker Spielrunden leiteten. #Gratisrollenspieltag2019 #Gratisrollenspieltag #Brettspielcafe

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Nächsten Freitag gibts bei uns mal wieder eine Runde Oldschool D&D. Neue Spieler sind willkommen und melden sich am besten in der Taverne:

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SVG map: Description: And some random names: Inuphu Prfestuflo Chofe Chozhiqo Zhirherhe Drostudadro Inuqonurhe Danustucho Ichowhu Icho Zhiqo Phufenu Prfoi Stustu Inucho Daqozhiqo Fechoqofo Rhefogezhi Gecho Dronuzhi #textmapper #hex #map #rpg

I finally grok the advangtage of screen + text client. 🤦‍♂️

Any recommendations for interesting general hangout irc channels?

@ohyran found anything related yet?

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Heute ist der #GratisRollenspielTag! In #Hamburg wird dieser u. a. im #WuerfelUndZucker veranstaltet. Ich werde dort sein und die ein oder andere #MIDGARD5 #Spielrunde anbieten. Um 15 Uhr startet das Spektakel. 🤩 #GRT2019 #gratisrollenspieltag2019 #Brettspielcafe #MIDGARD #M5

shouldn't searches for hashtags yield the same results on all servers?

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