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Danke @MInkorrekt für die Empfehlung zu Jeden Tag sehr informative und unaufgeregte News zu

So I decided to move over to for my related activities. Already imported all you guys I'm following 😎 👍

My new handle is @wandererbill

Does anyone know when the "combat as war vs. combat as sports" paradigm of the was first coined? references? links?

Pondering campaign plots here:

Something like "regain the dwarves gold treasure" gives the campaign an overarching plot. Plus it indicates when the campaign has reached it's end.

For an old-school D&D game the implied campaign plot would probably be: "become rich and set up your own reign". But it could be more than that.

Do you guys set up campaign plots or overarching plots in your games?

Habe eine neue Charakterklasse für Spiele geschrieben. Bis jetzt nur auf Deutsch. Es ist: *Der Punk*, Nutzung in ernsthaften Kampagnen auf eigene Gefahr ...

How about a CC/OGL'ed _generic universal_ 2d6 roleplaying system?

Probably based around 8+ with bane/boon for easy difficulty adjustment, and optional threefold outcome à la PbtA, freeform attributes and skills system ...

What more would you need?

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Found the amazingly well preserved original master of my self-made AD&D character sheet. Text on a typewriter, hand-ruled lines, logo traced from the D&D coloring book. Also found my first, massively twinked out character, the wizard Metzo Forte!

My gaming group just settled to use wine corks for points ... 🍷🤪🤦‍♂️

Wherever you game, enjoy your !

While I enjoy reading all kinds of adventure modules a lot, nearly all of them take *way* to long to play out.

What I'd prefer for actual gaming would be collections or generators for single session one shots that go from easy intro to epic showdown in 4 hours ...

Any suggestions?

I misinterpreted the bit on generating die rolls in adventure 01 in an interresting way. It reads thus:

"Often such a throw may be determined by referring to the characteristics of the player-characters involved"

So if a character who tries some task has dex 9, the task at hand would be a 9+ throw. Right, if something is *worth* a skill roll for a dex 9 character, it sure wont be so easy ...

What's actually meant is a simple attribute roll under check 🤓

still pondering here 😅

So my questions are: how versatile would DCC be as a rule set to play classic TSR modules? Or some OSR gems like *veins of the earth* or *castle gargantua*? Have you got experience with conversions? possibly on the fly?

And: the published adventures are said to be very good but also scripted to a rather high degree. How would DCC work out as a rule set for open table sandbox campaigns?

In episode 25 of the classic podcast *behind the claw*, felbrigg briefly comments on the *jack of all trades* skill. He mentions, that it could also be used to represent magic ...

How cool is that? If you think about it, this assumption essentially turns *classic traveller* into something like a generic rules system, or maybe even *the first ever* generic rpg system ;-)

i'm already pondering on how to run *isle of dread* in classic traveller

We mostly do 3LBB rules in our ongoing campaign, and add rules sparingly, as need and interest arises.

But then, two sessions ago joins this one first time D&D player rolling up his first ever stat: an 18 for strength ... I tell them about the extended modifiers in greyhawk ... "you think you want to add this rule to our campaign?" everybody cheers, so I ask the player to roll the percentiles: 97 ...


... So here's mighty *Tiberius* with a +5 bonus to hit and damage ...

all this and chatting got me pondering 2d6 mechanics ...

Isn't this actually *the original* rpg dice mechanic? rather than the d20?

And quite a few systems do use it: to begin with, obviously , most incarnations of , , rats ...

from the very first to the latest hype ;-)

so you already watched secrets of blackmoor?

Did you buy or just rent? I'm undecided ...

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