since there is this "OSR Good Ol' Games sale" on DTRPG, could you recommend a module for / from the "Advanced Adventures" series by Expeditious Retreat Press?

@lskh Oy, I wish I could speak to those. I have really focused on things like the One Page Dungeon contest entries and modules from Dragonsfoot. The reason is I really like the community aspect of it along with the low bar of entry for publishing. It appeals to may love of #FLOSS.

I did know about the 1pdc of course, but wasn't aware of all those adventures on Dragonsfoot ... That is so amazing 😲 thank you!

What would be your favourite of those?

@lskh It really depends on the level of the party. I also just like supporting community offerings in the spirit of #FLOSS and not for profit, but of love of the game and one's fellow human being.

@PresGas well put!

I hope to contribute eventually, too.

Think i'll have a look at *The Pod-Caverns of the Sinister Shroom*

@lskh I forgot to add another very similar group. Occasionally authors cross pollinate between the sites.

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