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I cannot think of a better collectively edited collection of #OSR #adnd1e et al #rpg gems than @kensanata 's Link to Wisdom and I think it needs to be posted about occasionally:

All of these articles are hand picked and dealing with the older editions of the game by the OSR bloggers that love it.

I frequently come back to this site for inspiration. I also drop off great posts, well written, from my blogroll/rss reader.

#OSRIC #dnd #adnd

@gunnar it's an old post, but have you considered these:

Cyclopeatron: Gary Gygax’s Whitebox OD&D House Rules

Yes @gunnar *vaults & vagabonds!* I love it. Will you be writing it in Norwegian?

@JubalBarca @kensanata

@kensanata @PresGas @gunnar
yeah, it's about nostalgia, I guess. Truth be told, those old modules are often a bit hard to read. At the table I actually prefer spreads of two a5 pages, or a4 landscape. Control panels as questing beast puts it.

😬 let me know if you find something.

I think the default ms style is so 70s, if used twocolumn it's already very reminescent of those old TSR modules ...

I wonder which typesetter they used back in the day ...


Hey @PresGas , thanks for the link to slithys rpg-module.

I have tried to use it in conjunction with . It's very bare bones, but wouldn't that be a cool system to write modules in ?

@kensanata @gunnar


If you're a true geek use groff 😂

But honestly, I'm quite happy with markdown/pandoc. it's a comfy insulation layer between the writing experience and fiddly LaTeX.


Right, some people show up here, I think so, too

Though what's the alternative for ? I'd be happy with , but I guess that's never going to happen...

Related question: Do you know how to send invite links out of ?

I want that, too! Try to do my very best to lure people over here...

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I'm super excited looking forward to session 1 of a game we're starting tonight.

Adventures are bound to start in the vertical megacity of *colossa* build inside of a gargantuan crater on a tide locked planet. Fierce environment outside, unfathomable depths inside, stable of dubious NPCs waiting to be unleashed ...

exactly, also this pins it down:

"characters are generally competent to carry out the plans that their players make"

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I liked the part about skills in this blog post: “it should generally just work unless it's ridiculous. … you want to pick a lock? Did you buy lockpicks? Then you do it. … Want to bust down a door? You do it … If it's particularly complicated … maybe refer to the character's background and make a ruling based on that. … You're playing Traveller and you want to rappel down a wall? Do you have some rope? Then you do it.”

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@ohyran @kensanata

... and there is:

just a few idlers hanging out there, though ...


Welcome and yes, I think you're right.

I still read and post on reddit from time to time, but mastodon seems to become my go to place 👍

I wish more people would turn to alternatives instead of migrating to yet another proprietary service ...

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