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Overheard, my 12 year old: "ah, worlds. My favorite oysters."

Working on an app edition of The King Is Dead.

So that's fun.

You have to look out for the ones I want to play. They're UP plz buff.

Working on a new Apocalypse World playbook, the no one. Some playbooks I want to MC for, some I want to play. This is one of the latter.

Last night I watched this video with @JoshuaACNewman and this morning I sharpened my favorite couple of knives.

They're such a pleasure to use now that I'm looking for random things to slice.

Look out, random things! I'm coming for you.

Starting work on the video for The King Is Dead. Daunted! Persevering!

So then, after some local playtesting, @meguey and I will decide whether to:

a) Abandon the changes and go back to the game as it basically used to be, since it's pretty well-tested and works fine;

b) Adopt the changes and go forward with our publication plans; or

c) Extend and broaden our playtesting to try to get more insight, before we choose (a) or (b) after all.

My money's on (b) straight out, but all three are real possibilities.

...And now I've put about 20 hours into The King Is Dead since the 1st of the year, and the new draft is completely finished.

Local playtesting next!

If you're familiar with The King Is Dead, I've completely changed how muster works, with some attendant changes to the games' framings, but not many changes to the games themselves - except that I reworked the Chase and Trials by Contest, and I redesigned War from the ground up.

Hey does anybody remember the technical name of those fortified houses on islands in practically every loch in Scotland?

...And now I've been working on The King Is Dead almost non-stop for 14 hours, and whose butt is kicked? Mine is, that's whose.

Now that I've blurted Remnant Humanity out into a first draft, its muse is appeased and I can work on some other pressing projects.

Today I'm kicking the butt of The King Is Dead.

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A Dzung Raiding Party Takes to the Air - The Dzung live to the north of the center of the world, in the cruel mountains and vast, unknown high plains beyond.

[caption id="attachment_5896" align="aligncenter" width="1800"]

@meguey and I are following Avery Alder's lead:

"I've been thinking about accessible pricing a lot lately, and so: All my games are now offered with a 30% discount for folks living in poverty or facing marginalized access in the community. Just use the discount code AFFORDABLE if you need it."

So if it'll help take the pressure off, Meg and I are offering the same discount, same coupon code AFFORDABLE, at &


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Some people may have heard me talk about Uncanny Echo earlier. Well, the first Issue is out now--and it's free! Please share liberally and enjoy :)

Every month--via a Patreon that I will launch in January--there will be a new Issue. All of these Issues are tied to either an Uncanny event or the echo of one. Creating a larger meta-narrative as the players work together to create an emergent story that slowly unfurls.

Today I'm excited because I get to go pick up my oldest kid from college!

There's a mode in modern moviemaking that foregoes cause and effect, replacing a storyline with a series of emotionally overcharged vignettes. I don't care for it.

You can see it in the new Blade Runner. You can see it in The Force Awakens, but (spoilers!) not in The Last Jedi.

How the names have to work at the table is:

"Here's what these aliens are called; here's what these other aliens are called. The game isn't about what they're called, so their names are easy to say, and it's easy to remember which aliens are which. Don't get hung up here, let's get to the good stuff."

This new game I'm working on is coming together pretty nicely. It's a first-contacty sf thing, working title "Remnant Humanity."

I'm facing the first big make-or-break challenge now, though. I have to come up with alien names that aren't silly.

I've eliminated: the Grooploop, the Dingerfanders, and the Tubulons. Three down!

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I've been thinking lately about the inherent value in designing a tabletop role-playing game regardless of even the intent to ever play or publish it.

Likewise, the inherent value in reading & studying a tabletop role-playing game that you'll never play.

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Right, so anything fiction (or any medium really) can illuminate, can also be examined through the lens of an RPG system. There's value in that.

If you know how to read a game while holding in your mind the promise of playing it, even if you don't actually intend to—even if the very rules you're reading will prevent you from playing it—if you can hold that possibly false promise in your mind while worlds of understanding can open up to you.