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At just about dusk EST I'll be getting together with Misha B, Jay and Jeremiah in the misty fields of the Actual Play twitch channel to play some Under Hollow Hills.

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do NOT donate to politicians asking for money because of roe v wade being overturned right now. donate it to abortion funds instead!!!

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Getting together with Misha B, Jay, and Jeremiah to play some Under Hollow Hills this Sunday evening on the Actual Play twitch channel.


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I really want the chance to play one of these one-player-two-GM sword-and-sorcery rpgs by @lumpley sometime, they're so neat!

Every couple of years, I spend an evening or two obsessed with this song:

I first heard it in high school, when there was no internet, so for many years I was obsessed with it and had no way to listen to different versions of it one after another for hours until my dear family members ask me if everything's okay in there.

Mormonism Stuff 

You know which story I find more compelling.

But here's a side thing.

I was raised to believe that no one was ever allowed in the temple if they weren't faithful, worthy Mormons, under any circumstances. It turns out, I'd never questioned this.

In episode 4 of Keep Sweet, when cops shove past Mormons and enter a temple without permission, I felt sudden, honest relief.

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Mormonism Stuff 

The former story is, good Mormonism and bad Mormonism are hand in hand. What the one does, reflects on the other, and if good Mormons don't want to face what bad Mormons do, they had better look deep into themselves instead.

There's no wall or gulf between them, there's a membrane, and it's malleable and permeable.

You don't even have to search for it. Once you can recognize it, it's there to see.

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Mormonism Stuff 

I've got an episode of Under the Banner of Heaven still to go, and I took time aside to watch Keep Sweet, Pray and Obey.

They tell two different stories.

The latter story is, good Mormonism is here, and bad Mormonism is there, with a wall and a gulf between them.

The FLDS is secretive and isolated, cut off and cut away from the real, true LDS mainstream. What they do, doesn't reflect on us, they're a whole different thing.

WE don't, THEY do. That's THEM, not US.

On G+ one time I took a poll of, I dunno, 100 people in games.

An overwhelming majority said "I don't back kickstarters that don't have videos" and also "I never watch kickstarter videos."

I've lived in a state of resentment from that day.

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Today I'm working on the crowdfunding pitch video for The Last Adventure. It's short! And extremely amateur! It's for a zine game, what do you want.

Circumstances took me this morning to the archive and I want to say, @Sandra,

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Canon off-screen gamestate! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

It also makes me realize how much I've lost my focus and momentum, what with 2020-2022 and all.

A confluence of things:

Thing 1: Now that @JoshuaACNewman is working on Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack 2nd Ed, I've been updating Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands.

Thing 2: Tovey, our 16 year old, has been watching Gundam, and I've watched along sometimes.

Result: Firebrands' new playtest draft has 300% as many games where the horrors of war.

It's John Trudell o'clock.

Waiting for the rich
But the rich won't hurry
The rich eat us so
The rich don't worry

Body horror 

My sunburn has gotten to that point where it itches so bad I'm about to literally claw all the damaged, healing skin off of my face.

I'm having a panicky adrenaline response to how bad it itches, I'm not even kidding.

I'll be okay, I have aloe and stuff, but jesus christ please remind me to never go out before nightfall ever again in my entire life. I haven't had a sunburn this bad since my 20s and I DO NOT WANT IT now.

Youtube video, live music 

But if you listen to their* fantastic 20th anniversary live album, you can hear me and @JoshuaACNewman hooting and cheering in the audience between songs.

You won't be able to pick our voices out, but you'll hear them.

Ha! This is a funny story. They did 2 sets, the first acoustic, the second wired, as they always used to. Between sets, half their goddamn audience walked out. Buncha Northampton folkies with no guts. Only us punks stayed.

* Cordelia's Dad

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Youtube video, live music 

Here are local favorites Tim Eriksen & Trio de Pumpkintown, bowing instruments that mostly you don't play with a bow. I love the sound, it's so strange.

I miss going to concerts!

We've seen these particular musicians, in sets and subsets, several times over the years, although they never perform locally quite as much as you'd want them too.


Lemongrass soooouuuuup!

Yum yum yummy yum

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Stranger Things is making the Satanic Panic a popular subject again?

I've got a t-shirt for that.

All artists' proceeds go to the Trevor Project

#StrangerThings #SatanicPanic

I've written a piece about custom advancement in Apocalypse World. It raises ideas beyond this one application, so if you're interested in PbtA or working on a PbtA game, you might find it useful!

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