It never fails. I see the words "Vancian magic," and my brain leaps up with excitement that somebody's read Vance carefully and has something insightful to say about whimsy, wonder, danger, and irony.

But nope.

@lumpley I should tell people that The Bloody-Handed Name of Bronze uses Vancian magic, then sit back and watch people throw tantrums.

@lumpley usually there’s not even sandestins, I mean come on

@lumpley File under: ways in which Sorcerer is more Vancian than any version of D&D

@lumpley I found the first book filled with magic of whimsy, wonder, danger, and irony... but the following three didn’t.
Maybe everyone else only read the Cugel books?

@PrePostHuman Oh, I can't go along with that. I mean, you're clearly right that they only read the Cugel books. (Now we're talking about Gygax and/or Arneson and/or whoever, right?) But they didn't even realize what's fun about the magic in just them.

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