I've written something I want to share!

It's a 5-minute intro/demo for an IF called "Kite Day in Reign Country." I've been working on it with my 16-yo, following their vision.

The thing you should know about Fnimlings is, in Reign Country, the collective fears manifest. Fnimlings are just the sweetest little guys, but fear hunts them.

Check it out if you're interested:

I wrote it in Gruescript by Robin Johnson, by the way, which is my current obsession.

@lumpley Gruescript is fantastic. I started playing with it and really need to get back to making my game in it, but it feels like a great way of doing parser style text adventures in a more approachable way

@MichaelKlamerus Yeah. It's kind of the thing I've been waiting for to get back into writing IF.

@lumpley I really like this demo. There's a sweetness and a melancholy that really speaks to me. Thanks for sharing.

@dowaito Thank you for saying so! I'm glad you like it.


Are bug reports helpful to you? I ran into a missing description or some such.


It seems to happen consistently if you:
-Drop the kite,
-Lose the kite instead of chasing it,
-Climb the tree,
-And then look around.
It just says "0".

Here's an example transcript:

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