@wlonk I think you might be my main hope here.

I'm trying to remember a folk song where she's walking along the river singing a song, and she meets a soldier who's whistling the same tune, and they have a fun little fling together.

The version I'm trying to find has the phrase "I knew we would be lovers" in it, but google's giving me zippo.


@JoshuaACNewman @wlonk No! It's actually kind of strange how nothing bad or weird happens at all. Nobody's a ghost, nobody murders anybody, nobody freezes to death, nobody drowns as a child.

It must not be a New England song.

@JoshuaACNewman @wlonk I like the one where the parents imagine that their kid gets married and has a baby who drowns, and it makes them so sad that they fall a-bawling...

And then the imaginary baby's ghost actual haunts them.

@lumpley @JoshuaACNewman that right there is where ghosts come from. We haunt ourselves. Just sayin'.


Supplement for Murderous Ghosts incoming? Little fish big fish swimming in the water?

@lumpley @JoshuaACNewman

@Sandra @wlonk @JoshuaACNewman Ooh, I also REALLY love the one where they're making out, and to tease her he says "hey, you kiss almost as good as my other girlfriend," and there is no other girlfriend, but she doesn't know this, so she stabs him to death and throws his body in the well.

And from then on, all the birds that sing, only sing his name.

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@lumpley @Sandra @JoshuaACNewman

I only recently learned that the use of "stan" as a verb comes from a murder ballad that Eminem wrote. It's a delightful and living tradition.

(YES YES i am behind on modern anything.)

@wlonk @Sandra @JoshuaACNewman I only recently learned this too! From you in fact, just now. What's the song?

@lumpley @wlonk @Sandra @JoshuaACNewman I was LITERALLY talking with Joshua about this on Tuesday - there's a very specific age range that automatically knows this and finds its current usage disturbing (it's my age cohort)

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