I've written a piece about custom advancement in Apocalypse World. It raises ideas beyond this one application, so if you're interested in PbtA or working on a PbtA game, you might find it useful!

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@lumpley Thanks for reminding me I really ought to get back following your page!

@lumpley I know I told you once, but it's your ideas about game design that really led me into using ttrpgs to teach.

Now that I have students actually do game design for their projects, it would probably help that I go back to the source.

@AnarchoDom I'd love to hear what you or they find useful!

@lumpley In my case, it was an old post on Anyway in which you wrote something like "every rpg says something about game design, but also about human nature."

This led me to "game design = expressing a worldview", which is now my fundamental principle for my Worldviews course.

@lumpley Thanks! I hope to someday be able to push things even further and enlist the help of designers as coaches for students' teams!

For now, I'm just happy with what they come up with when hacking BLOODY-HANDED NAME of BRONZE!

I'll share some of the best projects on the Xenophilia Discord later tonight. You're more than welcome to have a look!

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