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I just realized that I've never done an intro post here!

👋 I'm Marc (he/them) and I'm mostly here for ttrpg stuff. I've played RPGs since 1983 or so, and been designing since slightly before that. :D Been a computer guy for about as long, but I'd love to ditch that and go make stuff with my hands instead.

I teach programming at a bootcamp, and I have opinions about that. I've done a ton of stuff on stage in the last decade or two, but not much lately.

I'm an open book, AMA any time, always.

I've got the entire set of meanings, dangers/monsters, and locations re-sorted out and added to the card borders, so now the deck of 78 cards acts as a proper random lookup table for all your adventure generation needs! WHEW

Okay, time to do some touchups as I go through the court cards. How it started, how it's going, etc...

Roguelike Tarot progress update: 53 cards down, 25 to go! Next up: the eights. I'm gonna have to get creative about how I get the symbols on there as the numbers go up...

39 cards down—halfway there! Time to fuckin' parrrty!

I need to remember that although I crafted a few cards that I actually like a good bit, I'm still learning how to do this whole ASCII art thing, and some of them are gonna be stinkers. (Relatively, I guess? I dunno. I'll worry about it on the touch-up pass.)

Finally, after how many decades, got the chance to see Negativland live yesterday! It was... exactly what I would have expected. :D Their setup is *wild*, and it was nice to watch a concert/"multimedia experience" sitting down, because we're all old.

Whew, and that's the Roguelike Major Arcana done! With the random minors I knocked out earlier, that's 29 cards down, 59 to go...

(I'm still trying to decide whether I'm going to just do POD or try to kickstart a nicer print run, but we'll see how it goes...)

How about some textbook abuse via gaslighting?

Them: Come back!
You: Okay!
Them: No, that was a mistake. Go away. But talk to me if you want to come back.
You: Okay, let's talk...
Them: How dare you do the exact thing I told you to do! Go away forever, you monster.

Cool, cool.

(Yes, this literally just happened, yes, it is a subtweet, no, if you can read this, it's not about you. :D)

Slowly teaching myself how to do ASCII art again, taking another stab at the imagery for the Roguelike Tarot, starting with our good buddy The Archmage.

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