Out of curiosity, why is Blogger the home of so many OSR blogs?

@JasonT Have you had any more time with Black Hack 2e? Would you recommend it as a purchase? To play? To study?

My favorite part of Mastadon is that an instance can be subject-specific and allows me to use the local timeline feature to discover new people and conversations I wouldn't have before.

But there are so quite a few tabletop Mastadon instances and having to create an account for each is ridiculous. Is there at least an application that would allow me to combine these accounts?

Listen to the What's Hot in Indie RPGs panel from 2018. With Eunice Hung, James Mullen, Lloyd Gyan and Rob Carnel.

me: im so tired of generic tolkien-esque fantasy can't we have something original and less problematic?
them: here's my big orc boy from my D&D campaign
me: I. lo,,v.e th e,m

Out of curiosity, are there any espionage ptba games out there?

#tabletop #rpg folks,

I am looking for a set of rules and additional resources that meet the following criteria:

- simple, pick up and play. Easy to understand for beginners .
- starship mechanics, with facilities for bridge based ship to ship combat, and optionally some fighters
- long range and hand to hand combat
- ftl travel
- is not pathfinder
- at least a small number of prebuilt modules

I’m fine with combat heavy, I’m fine with combat lite.

I’m just looking for some bones

The original version before I inverted the colors.

After more time than I'd like to admit, I finally finished designing my website logo.

...which doesn't seem to work particularly well with any Wordpress themes.

Hey, can anybody recommend a professional layout person for an RPG rulebook? I've been trying to do it myself but I think I might be in over my head.

Experience with products published on DriveThruRPG (or similar) is a major plus.

Please boost!

Expanding the list a little:

Dresden Files (unsure which version)



Monster of the Week


Unknown Armies (unsure if 2e or 3e)

Urban Shadows

I would love it if y'all would be so kind to give your thoughts on the above! I've run none of them before and have heard most of them only in passing.

Once given a list to choose from, my players went in a direction I hadn't anticipated.

So, Urban Fantasy.

I've got Sorcerer and Unknown Armies. Could pick up Dresden Files. Any other considerations?

Someone suggested a strawpoll to help showcase all the options to the players. This is what I came up with. (I suspect @Halfjack would disapprove of my attempt to categorize...)

5e is out. I prefer to buy indie.

Sadly, I think Burning Wheel may be out. The group is mostly made up of newbies and I doubt any of them would be willing to read through such a long rulebook.

Perhaps, Torchbearer? Dungeon World? Shadow of the Demon Lord?

Something off my radar? Hit me with your thoughts and suggestions!

I've gathered a new group of players to run a game. Hooray!

Unfortunately, my wily leading questions failed to steer them away from the fantasy genre. (Frankly, I'm grew tired of elves, dwarves, and orcs over a decade ago).

So, fantasy, it is. Any recommendations for what game to run?

It feels silly but one of the biggest obstacles keeping me from blogging is coming up with a website name that I'm happy with.

If I'm going to come up with a brand, where I do even start?

It brings to mind how magicians explain the difference between the trick and the experience and then -- what some of the say is the REAL moment of alchemy -- what people say of the event later.

In the retelling, the magic trick becomes truly Arcane as people mis-remember and exaggerate in an attempt to describe the feeling of an experience.

I find myself not aiming for the experience at the table but at the conversation people will have with those not there afterwards.

The more I chip away at this game, the more the question of user experience pops up.

What does the game look like at the table?

Figuring out when I've done enough to take TO the table and actually see is what's been a kick in the teeth.

Art often talks about the context around it. In our small community, there has been a rise of games about civil upheaval and rebelling against authoritarian regimes (See: Spire, Sigmata, Uprising).

Seeing those makes me wonder about the inverse: what are we NOT talking about? What is hiding in the negative space?

Dice.camp, what software do you use to collaborate with others?

And how do you approach managing a varied team?

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