Also, note you can change the playback speed in Youtube, and I find Noah's more watchable at 1.25x.

Youtubes that are actually useful for gaming, because they're anecdotal and full of useful advice, not actual play:

I'm watching forward from the end, but in particular: Vegan Steve, Leaping Wizards, and Never Get On The Boat are must-watch.

Tried watching Critical Role S2E1, had to fast-forward a lot, it takes them 2 1/2 hours to get to the first fight, they haven't left the bar. I woulda started killing all of the DM's talky NPCs 2 hours before. No dungeons, no dragons.

Also "sponsored" by D&D Beyond, so expect a lot of vamping for charsheet builders that don't quite work, and expensive online books you can only use until they shut this service down in 2 years.

On Twitter, years ago I called for a Hardware Wars Special Edition.

But someone made the same joke and committed to it on YouTube.

I have a blog where I write about cyberpunk. Just posted a review of Synners (1991)

Trying to watch a TV show relevant to a project, but I have such a hard time caring about the problems of pretty, young, rich white people. More a problem of Hollywood casting than anything the writers or director can solve.


I'm an actuary-slash-RPGer based in the Philippines. I started with D&D 3.5 and currently use as my main system.

I'm also quite fond of systems - I've never actually played the older eds, so people sometimes find it weird that I like this family of rulesets. But nevertheless, these days 25% of the games I run are OSR.

I also have my patreon at where I adapt Filipino myths and monsters to RPGs. I will plug this from time to time. :D


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