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Howdy! I'm Martin Ralya, and I like to play tabletop RPGs and board games, read, hike up mountains, and publish RPG books.

My blog, Yore (, is mainly about RPGs, with forays into comics, board games, and miscellanea.

I also run Engine Publishing (, although I'm not publishing anything at the moment, and I used to run Gnome Stew (

(Hashtag salad: )

Dear Fantasy Flight Games,

You know what your variation printing algorithm technology would work well on?

Space exploration. Lots of random planet cards that are unique in every print. It lends itself perfectly, people can understand every planet you visit is going to be a unique individual experience.

Make it so.

#FantasyFlightGames #BoardGames #idea #space #scifi

Hello! I'm here mainly to talk about tabletop rpgs. I decided to join Mastodon because of the shutting of google+. Given that I like open source stuff and the idea of auto organized communities, Mastodon was a natural choice for me. I found this instance in particular from a newsletter of my friend @rafu. He said it was a place with an inclusive philosophy and I like places such that. I'm not an English native speaker. You can see the rpgs I'm interested in, by my bio.

Mastodon is the first time I can think of where theres a huge trans community which has a wide spread of ages and other demographics, is not locked off from cis people, and isn't constantly under attack. That's pretty momentous and It's incredibly normalising.

Love to all the cis allies with pronouns in their descriptions too. Y'all are great.


Delain is coming to Seattle! They're one of my favorite symphonic metal bands, and I love that there's a chance acts like this will actually come to Seattle.

Bought my ticket a year in advance, which I think is a first.

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From game designer (Chaosium creator) Greg Stafford's obituary...

"To honor Greg’s memory the family requests, in lieu of flowers, that you strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know, go somewhere you haven’t been, face a personal challenge head on, read about something new, and enjoy life. We are all us."

Small brain: a video game sequel that uses one ending from the last game as canon
Big brain: a video game sequel that allows you to import your save or make the choices from the last game
Explodey brain: a video game sequel that decides which ending from the last game is canon by what choices you make in that one

Played Murderous Ghosts: The 2017 Halloween Party edition tonight, and it rocked.

It feels just like the one-on-one game, except the non-MC players share control of the lone explorer.

The hook is the you're an urban explorer in an abandoned mansion, and inside that mansion are ghosts that want to murder you.

It's available on @lumpley's Patreon (, and it's a delight.

RPG Idea Number 44:
It's been 300 years since Pylodosia was founded by refugees from the northern islands. The elves only gave them a small circle of land on the Haresis river so the now bustling city is filled with tall tower looming of the forest that surrounds the city walls.

One of my other hobbies is watching , and I joined Letterboxd in 2018. Rating every movie I've ever seen, connecting with other folks who love the same stuff, and starting to write short reviews really turbocharged my enjoyment of movies.

Here's my profile, including ~250 short reviews. I've been averaging slightly less than a movie a day in 2018, and that's been a blast.

This list is due for an update (which is time-consuming to do), but here's my top 3% of free/PWYW products on DriveThruRPG:

If you've ever tried to browse or filter the over 7,000 products in that category, you know how hard it can be to find interesting stuff. That's why I made this list. 🧙‍♂️

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Hat tip to @Halfjack for spotting this Lulu coupon code: 20% off with TWENTY18.

I maintain a curated list on Yore of RPG books on Lulu that I like, mainly and stuff:

Some thoughts on the auteur model of game development, zero risk production, and talent versus sweat.

<shill> @martinralya I'm gonna go all fanboy on you here and say I love Love LOVE your #Hexmancer page:

If #rpg people want to get into a good ol fashion #hexcrawl #sandbox , it is nice to have this.

Another great reason to follow Yore, folks; here

...but hope you put it on @kensanata 's planet:

...hint hint. </shill>

Also finally got my second set of shelves up and organized. 98% of these books were in storage for three years, and I missed them!

This is sort of the "not on the front burner" shelf. (The front burner shelf is in my office.) So many games and settings here I'd love to run someday!

Finally got my desk tchotchkes set up. This is one of those post-move steps that always makes the new place feel like home. 🏡

With the G+ shutdown I'm kicking the tires here again. I like Mastodon, and I liked it back when I joined earlier this year, but thinking in toots still doesn't come naturally to me.

I gather was down when the G+ announcement hit, and for a little while thereafter. Any concerns that it won't be around in the medium term, or is all well again?

I've continued to update my list of excellent free & PWYW RPGs and supplements on DriveThruRPG, with another 10-12 entries added yesterday.

This curated list (based on personal preference and my experience with the products listed) generally excludes previews, quickstarts, micro-supplements, character sheets, and the like, making it easy for folks to discover dozens of great RPGs, zines, and sourcebooks -- and hopefully some hidden gems.

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