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Howdy, I’m Martin Ralya (he/him)!

I've been running RPG-related websites since 1999, including Treasure Tables (2005-2007), Gnome Stew (which I co-founded and ran from 2008-2016), and my personal blog, Yore (, 2012 onwards).

I also worked in the RPG industry as a freelancer (2004-2018) and publisher (Engine Publishing, 2010-2019).

I miss (really, really miss) Google+, which was a huge part of my gaming life. I'm hoping Mastodon can grow into something just as vital and useful.

Five hours today saw me through all the Cog Mechanicum (which always take me forever) and dozens of tiny wires, conduits, etc. that needed to be picked out in bright contrasting colors.

Tomorrow I get to work on rust, verdigris, and battle damage/grime -- and then all five pieces will be done!

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Seems like the perception is that Mastodon is an inferior platform for creatives because it's less powerful as a promotional tool. But that risks reducing creative work to its commercial function. In many ways, Mastodon is better for discussing creative work.

Shoot, I forgot my image alt text: three work-in-progress Warhammer 40k terrain pieces.

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Time for the last bit of base coating on these three terrain pieces, the white/black Cog Mechanicum.

Once those four are shaded and drybrushed, it's on to picking out details in single layers (wires, screens, etc.) and then to my favorite bit: weathering!

Tonight's painting "soundtrack" is Traitor General, the 8th Gaunt's Ghosts book.

These Planescape tables by @Judd are absolutely fantastic.

Makes me want to crack open my PS box and pitch a game!

Livetoot my GM prep? Sure, why not?

The Sigil 6 are getting back to some smaller, local adventures, dealing with imbalances in the Outlands. I've got tables for this kind of thing.

Time to roll a few up and see what happens.

#DnD #Planescape

It's not going to win any awards for gorgeousness, but the surprising thing about a singing pig, and all that.

what is a character? a miserable pile of numbers

I exited Twitter stage left today, deleting 13 years of my digital life on the way out. NO REGERTS, and all that.

My social media presence is down to Reddit, to the extent that Reddit is social media, and Mastodon. So it's Mastodon or bust!

This tool was tremendously useful in nuking my Twitter account, and while I used it as a flamethrower it can be much more granular than that.

Listening to the audiobook of Steal Like an Artist, and finding it genuinely inspiring. In that vein, a ttrpg design exercise for those who think they can’t come up with ideas (or even those that do):

Name your favourite rpg
Now name you favourite media property
Hack the former to play what you live about the latter

I promise, I’m the course of doing so you will design something original enough.

Thanks to @PaulCzege I now know that there are almost 1200 images released by Studio Ghibli for free use, barring some sort of “unreasonable” standard!

Do I need to write a game incorporating Porco Rosso and Nausicäa all into one RPG?

I've never really grokked hashtags, but apparently they help folks discover each other -- so let's add a few to my intro thread (camel-capped because I gather that's better for text-to-speech readers).

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Ah, everyone who follows me is probably interested to know that @nyrath is on Mastodon!

I'm Paul, I paint miniatures and make scenery for wargames and TTRPG
Commissions available from late August, poss Sept 2022
Socials, pricing etc:

Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings 10% discount from @PBWargames
with my affiliate code 'panda10'

#wargaming #ttrpg #wepaintminis #warhamfam #miniaturepainting

Hi, new followers! If you want to see what I really think about roleplaying game design, you should read & play The BLOODY-HANDED NAME of BRONZE!

It’s a demon-haunted world where everything is how it is because it wants to be, and you can convince it otherwise.

It’s also my best-ever game design that I released the weekend the world closed in 2020. Oops.

There’s a lot of sexy animal-headed gods and petrified giants.

The context also includes your fiction.

What aliens have you met? Those are the kinds you can be.

What is your ship's personality? That determines how it acts or responds.

How close are the Southern Arm Confederacy's psychic hounds? That determines the kind of menace they can pose.

Asking the right questions (like in Bronze where it asks if you've offered something they want) has a lot to say about how the game moves and feels.

I'm gonna stop now and leave you with some robospiration.

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The battle was about to begin.
A quarter of a second later it all would be over.
There would be no communications left on either side.
No brave men would remain alive.

Quick one before ending the day over one recent #scifi #scifiart #space #spaceship #tablecloth #doodle

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