Howdy, I’m Martin Ralya (he/him)!

I've been running RPG-related websites since 1999, including Treasure Tables (2005-2007), Gnome Stew (which I co-founded and ran from 2008-2016), and my personal blog, Yore (, 2012 onwards).

I also worked in the RPG industry as a freelancer (2004-2018) and publisher (Engine Publishing, 2010-2019).

I miss (really, really miss) Google+, which was a huge part of my gaming life. I'm hoping Mastodon can grow into something just as vital and useful.

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These days I have two gaming projects.

One is the fantasy campaign setting I've been working on since 2021, Godsbarrow. I've been using Worlds Without Number and Wonderdraft to create it, and blogging as I go.

Here's the omnibus page:

The other is painting miniatures for Warhammer 40k and Kill Team.

I didn't enjoy painting minis until 2020, when I decided to approach it as a hobby in its own right and not a necessary evil. I've come to love it, and being a blogger of course I won't shut up about it.

There's no easy hub for my minis posts, but I eventually take lightbox photos of everything I paint.

I've never really grokked hashtags, but apparently they help folks discover each other -- so let's add a few to my intro thread (camel-capped because I gather that's better for text-to-speech readers).

@martinralya Digging the ork Taurox and AdMechbuilding in those photos! :D

@allandaros Thank you! That conversion is the most ambitious thing I've done to date, and a ton of fun. It took ages...and it's like 30 points in the game.

@martinralya Yeah, and without the almighty algorithm here nor keyword search, hashtags really grow in importance to be able to find anything.

@kennon Thanks! I tried Mastodon a couple years back and it didn't stick. Hopefully this time it will!

@martinralya agreed. I've been on and off since 2017 but it feels much more active and worthwhile right now with a bunch of TTRPG folks here. If most of us stay, I think this is going to be very good.

@martinralya I also miss G+. I’ve been getting good G+ vibes since I joined only 3 days ago. Good to see you here!

@martinralya Treasure Tables takes me back. Good to see you over here, and yes, hopefully this will provide what I think we've both been missing since G+ went away.

Hi @martinralya ...I, too, very much miss G+ and keep hoping I can rediscover it. Mastodon hasn't proven to be the same, but it is pretty good and certainly better than Twitter and FB.

@ScottMortimer G+ was unique and likely irreplaceable. My gaming landscape would be quite different if it had never existed!


I have tried to see who some other RPG-interested users are following to find people on the Fediverse. For instance, I found your account by looking at @kensanata 🙂

BTW, I like your blog. Just added it to my TTRPG RSS feedreader collection.

@ScottMortimer Thanks for subscribing!

That's the main way I find folks to follow. Boosted toots is probably second.

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