I've been thinking about how best to make Mastodon feel like Google+, at least from my perspective.

There's curation on my instance, BBS-style, by an admin I trust. I can curate my follower list to ensure that I follow folks who primarily post about gaming stuff.

There are no circles, but the first two points should help there.

If I post gaming stuff, generally off the cuff, and keep my posting reasonably focused, then I'm helping that work out from my end.

That sounds like a good start.

I'm also going to incorporate something I learned from G+ going away: A fair number of my G+ posts should really have been blog posts, so when my Spidey-sense tingles I'm going to listen to it.

My blog, Yore (, is my most permanent home online. It's been running since 2009 and a blog since 2012, longer than than Treasure Tables and my time on Gnome Stew.

For conversation and rejoicing in our shared hobby: here. For permanence: Yore.

@martinralya the character limit should help with that. If it takes more than two posts to write, it definitely should be a link to a blog post instead.

@deinol Ooh, I like that rule of thumb.

I'd been thinking of the character limit as a rough guide, but setting a two-part limit is concrete and easy to remember.

@gunnar @deinol But not past it! I'm forbidding myself from further noodling.

@gunnar @martinralya of course that’s not intended to limit on going conversations. Just times you reply to yourself for longer thoughts.

@martinralya Decamped to Dice.Camp? I can't help but chuckle at the phrasing.

@kennon I missed lots of opportunities for more camp references there, that's for sure!

@martinralya I didn't even know you were on Twitter... Here's to G+2 🥂

@e_eric Since 2009, though more off than on. It used to be fun.

@martinralya Yeah, I remember the meeting of strangers and the whimsical conversations. A bygone era.

@martinralya Man, to this day I *still* miss the whole "Circles" system that G+ had going for it. Nothing has really come close to replicating the sort of flexibility you had both in who you posted to, and whose posts you were seeing at any given time.

@arcticEdge I always wonder why it hasn't (to my knowledge) been replicated elsewhere.

Like here, where profit isn't the motive -- it seems like a great feature to incorporate.


We need better group support and it's kind of underspecced still:

G+ got its circles from another federated platform, Diaspora.

The implementation was slow, there were security bugs, the main dev tragically died, and it was used by Daesh. Friendica also implements the protocol (maybe the best version of it but they still have weird bugs, like overly caching profile pictures).

My hope is for ActivityPub to improve. I feel like we've got a long way to go, it's so janky still.

@Sandra Thank you for sharing that context!

I do vaguely remember diaspora and Friendica, but never delved into either of them.

Even without a circles analog, I'm liking the feel of Mastodon.

@martinralya Friendica is still around and is (somewhat) compatible with Mastodon. I have at least one pal on there, @liwott
@martinralya @liwott

Not that I wanna see a mass migration of dice campers there; what I want instead is for Lemmy-compatible groups to be widely implemented across the Fediverse.
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