I exited Twitter stage left today, deleting 13 years of my digital life on the way out. NO REGERTS, and all that.

My social media presence is down to Reddit, to the extent that Reddit is social media, and Mastodon. So it's Mastodon or bust!

This tool was tremendously useful in nuking my Twitter account, and while I used it as a flamethrower it can be much more granular than that.

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@craigmaloney Yeah, it kinda is. My feelings are a bit more mixed than they were about Facebook, and I've kept my account (unlike FB) just in case it magically resumes being somewhere I want to spend time.

But overall, fuck it.

@martinralya I admire your resolve! I'm staying on it for business reasons but I don't think I'd be able to delete my stuff anyway :)

@e_eric If I was still publishing I'd probably still be there. So many folks rely on it for business, no way around that.

@martinralya Nice one - I'm not convinced I can afford to delete my Twitter even if it goes south, as it's still a good way to promote my stuff and get work - but it may happen!

@pandaemoniumminiatures I'm fortunate that Twitter and Facebook aren't necessary for my work. Much respect to you and the many, many folks who rely on them for business.

@martinralya Bold and decisive action!

Not sure I can bring myself to that level yet, but I'm glad you have!

@kennon I make all my best and worst decisions boldly and decisively! 😆

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