Time for the last bit of base coating on these three terrain pieces, the white/black Cog Mechanicum.

Once those four are shaded and drybrushed, it's on to picking out details in single layers (wires, screens, etc.) and then to my favorite bit: weathering!

Tonight's painting "soundtrack" is Traitor General, the 8th Gaunt's Ghosts book.

Shoot, I forgot my image alt text: three work-in-progress Warhammer 40k terrain pieces.


Five hours today saw me through all the Cog Mechanicum (which always take me forever) and dozens of tiny wires, conduits, etc. that needed to be picked out in bright contrasting colors.

Tomorrow I get to work on rust, verdigris, and battle damage/grime -- and then all five pieces will be done!

Might have gone a touch overboard on the grime, but what the hell -- I was having fun with it.

Except for varnish, these three pieces are now done!

@SimonCarryer In the grime darkness of the 41st millennium, there is only Nuln Oil.

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