Holy shit: Jeremy Strandberg (author of the amazing Dungeon World blog Spouting Lore) archived 31 Google+ communities by converting them to WordPress posts, preserving 37,000 G+ posts in the process.

I stumbled across this today. It feels like finding a literal treasure trove.

@martinralya That's amazing. It really bums me out how much amazing stuff was lost. I have so many cool conversations or threads just sitting on my hard drive in an archive.

@funkaoshi Most days I'm pretty upbeat about it, so many positive things are still part of my life today. But it bums me out, too. I'd love to still have a version of that space.

@martinralya @funkaoshi You and me both!
I have a save of the Macchiato Monsters community somewhere (made by chaosmeister I believe) - I suspect other people have saves too. It'd be great to have a central website for all of these.

@e_eric @martinralya I use social media liking everything, so one of the funny things that comes from that is my +1's export is this giant list of seemingly almost everything I saw on G+. Ha. Mind you lots of people nuked their accounts before I exported, which sucks.

@funkaoshi @martinralya @e_eric I mourn much more the loss of community (communities) and relationships and the tool than the data. I saved as much as I could, but what I miss is the conversing in such a place.

@gherhartd So do I, and I don't know what there's to find in those archives but it'd be a good resource to have imho @funkaoshi @martinralya

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