This past weekend I realized that I'd never seen a curated list of the best free and PWYW products on DriveThruRPG, so I created one.

There are 79 entries total, but some lead to multiple products; all told, there are about 120 RPGs and supplements listed, or 1.6% of the 7,597 available.

If you have suggestions for what else to include, I'd love to hear them.

@martinralya That's a really useful list - the whole Talislanta line is free?!

@martinralya ...well, OK, only part of the Talislanta line. But a useful part.

@ghost_bird I waffled about whether to link out to the site where Stephan Michael Sechi makes virtually the entire line available for free, but it seemed out of scope for my list.

I hope he'll eventually migrate everything to DTRPG for increased exposure.

@martinralya Thanks for that. Nice to see an OSR take on Tekumel, too.

@ghost_bird The Petal Hack is such a beautiful thing. Its summary of Tekumel and why one might be interested in it is one of the best blurbs I've ever read.

@ghost_bird I tidied up my Talislanta entry, and linked out to the wider list in the footnotes.

If you want to fall in love with Talislanta, I wrote a separate post about that:

@martinralya I've got quite a lot of Talislanta books, though it's been years since I last read them and I never managed to run a game. I like it, but I find it surprisingly hard to communicate Vance's style to players who don't already know it.

@martinralya I think the description borrows a fair bit from the Guardians of Order RPG but (a) that's not a bad thing and (b) my memory could be playing tricks.
Overall, it reads a lot like a better-organised take on the original EPT rules - which is to say that it's successfully doing what the OSR is supposed to.

@martinralya Specific to DriveThru? I do regular lists of the good stuff on DMs Guild and I know of some great Free/PWYW things there

@loottheroomuk Yes, just DTRPG.

I need a focus to make a project manageable, and DTRPG was what grabbed me.

I found some more that might be worth your time:
Sleeping Place of the Feathered Swine
White Star Companion
BLUEHOLME Prentice Rules
Black Pudding (zine)
Broken System #000
Yngarr #1

@gunnar You, sir, are on fire! I will check those out later today.


Thanks. That cool.
At one point I will release my own rpg.

What would be great (and is missing from the internet) is a compendium of system-agnostic scenario and adventures.

I might eventually work on that.

@kingu_platypus_gidora That's a nifty niche, and I've definitely never seen a list like that.


There is, a french site called La scenariotheque.

It is more of less what I would like except they make the mistake of collecting links to scenarios and not the scenarios themselves.

So it is now a huge database of error 404. 😟

@martinralya You, sir, are the (undeserved) hero we have! Thanks for the list!

@hardcorenarrativist I had fun making it! The project kind of sucked me in once I got rolling, and it was a pleasant way spend a Saturday afternoon.

@jmstar There was an annoying period in the middle, but wrapped in a fluffy coating of enjoyment on both ends!

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