1. I would 100% play this RPG

2. This is a better cover than a good 10-15% of gaming books

Haha, only like 700 more things to label on this map.

And another 200 or so texture stamps.

Plus like half of the terrain painting.

The heat death of the universe or me finishing this map, which will come first?

Might have gone a touch overboard on the grime, but what the hell -- I was having fun with it.

Except for varnish, these three pieces are now done!

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Five hours today saw me through all the Cog Mechanicum (which always take me forever) and dozens of tiny wires, conduits, etc. that needed to be picked out in bright contrasting colors.

Tomorrow I get to work on rust, verdigris, and battle damage/grime -- and then all five pieces will be done!

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Time for the last bit of base coating on these three terrain pieces, the white/black Cog Mechanicum.

Once those four are shaded and drybrushed, it's on to picking out details in single layers (wires, screens, etc.) and then to my favorite bit: weathering!

Tonight's painting "soundtrack" is Traitor General, the 8th Gaunt's Ghosts book.

Gonna try to make a big push on these 7 pieces of 4k/KT terrain today.

They're all at the same stage -- major areas completely done, details and weathering to to -- so batch painting makes the most sense. But batch painting tends to sap my momentum. It's a fine line!

With 14 years of logged RPG plays to work from (874 sessions across 187 discrete RPGs), here are two little lists.

The top one is my top 10 RPGs by number of sessions played since 2008.

The bottom one is my top RPGs by rating, sorted by number of sessions played since 2008.

Green = appears on both lists. On my 1-10 rating scale, 7 = good.

The details take me quite a bit of time.

I try to walk the line between "more detailed than just base coat + drybrush" (a fine approach!) and "so detailed that they overshadow the actual models and take forever to paint."

Nonetheless, that still means 26 colors to go!

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These four pieces are finally out of drybrushing and ready for details and weathering!

When I started working on Godsbarrow, I knew that creating a giant map and populating it was the wrong approach for me.

So, following the Worlds Without Number approach, I created smaller regional maps and then stitched them together. Over the course of a year, that naturally led to errors and inconsistencies, so I began converting my "map quilt" into a unified poster map.

I was 100% right that starting this way would have killed this project almost immediately. It's slow going!

Got my first Mechanicis gantry fully drybrushed, bringing it tonally in line with my existing Manufactorum pieces (foreground).

Still has little details, hazard stripes, and weathering to go, but it's well past the halfway mark now.

Role 4 Initiative (role4initiative.com) is one of my favorite dice companies, and the set that came today (Warlock's Pact) highlights why that's the case. I have thousands of dice -- it takes a lot to stand out!

They're pretty, but thanks to being slightly oversized and featuring larger text they're incredibly readable.

They also do the nicest d4 I've ever seen, which rolls and reads like every other die.

Quality is right up there with much larger manufacturers, too (Chessex, Q-Workshop).

I spent almost a year not finishing any miniatures, and recently broke my doldrums with a switch to Kill Team (smaller units, quicker to complete) and a new faction: Tyranids.

These Genestealers from April are my most recent finished models. I was surprised how much fun they were to paint!

My Hive Fleet, Balaur, is a Leviathan splinter fleet, so the white/pink and purple are from their "parent" fleet. The spotted carapaces and toxic green claws are the main differentiator.

I spent most of today mucking about with 40k/Kill Team terrain.

My table will (eventually!) be full of a mix of Manufactorum and Mechanicus pieces, so I'm unifying them with common colors and weathering.

I also enjoy how fast and "macro" the early steps are with terrain: spray, wash, drybrush, mostly done. Then I remember that all the other steps take me hours and hours.

The other is painting miniatures for Warhammer 40k and Kill Team.

I didn't enjoy painting minis until 2020, when I decided to approach it as a hobby in its own right and not a necessary evil. I've come to love it, and being a blogger of course I won't shut up about it.

There's no easy hub for my minis posts, but I eventually take lightbox photos of everything I paint.


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These days I have two gaming projects.

One is the fantasy campaign setting I've been working on since 2021, Godsbarrow. I've been using Worlds Without Number and Wonderdraft to create it, and blogging as I go.

Here's the omnibus page: martinralya.com/godsbarrow-han

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