@Canageek This was the first RPG I ever played! It was a fun point of entry into the hobby.

@kensanata I think about this more often these days too. My RPG bucket list is far too long to be realistic, so many of those games do I -really- want to play? And how do I make that happen?

Thinking about it in terms of longer campaigns is sobering. "Thanks!" 😜

@nickwedig Here's a personal favorite, the ZeFRS RPG:


Neat game, though! It's a retroclone of the TSR Conan RPG, minus all the IP.

@twwombat Ooh, a Lasers and Feelings hack. The stats are Simulate and Spicy.

1. I would 100% play this RPG

2. This is a better cover than a good 10-15% of gaming books

@rafial Those calendars sound neat! Does Lynn only sell them in person, or are they available online?

@nickwedig I feel compelled to post a link to my 200 word RPG "Wittgenstein's Monster", which is partially a joke about Frankenstein and TTRPGs. 200wordrpg.github.io/2017/rpg/

Lovely to see folks using and enjoying Context, Cool Shit & Consequences as a way of taking notes or pre-game brainstorming.

Added a PG version - Context, Cool Stuff & Consequences in case you have to use it in a school or professional setting.


#TTRPG #DungeonMaster

In a sane and just world, all indie #ttrpg books would look like mid-1970s science textbooks.

Stupidly excited about running a 4 session Twilight 2k game this summer. I found declassified military maps online and had them printed by an online poster printer. They are amazing.

My #osr Lumberlands camapign has been going for a couple of months. As It proceeds, I've been filling in a map of the player's discoveries and exploits:

D&D 5 dominates, this time using numbers from Obsidian Portal (where people create campaign wikis):
"It appeared from Roll20 and pre-2014 surveys that there had been a multi-edition ecosystem with 3.5e, 4e and Pathfinder all being played at the same time. After 2015 it became dominated by 5e almost immediately. This appears to be verified by the Obsidian Portal numbers. … I find this view on what happened particularly telling because it is zero-sum."

"Like most folk, I started out with unrealistic ideas about how much and how quickly I could produce good material. Because of this, my early campaigns were basically burnout generators. … I’d lost any creative energy for improving them. … I’ve developed better strategies for handling prep. The most important of these is to focus on making flexible tools, rather than specific adventure scenarios."
by @linkskywalker

@clarkvalentine Amen. There's a reason the "hub" pages on my blog for Warhammer 40k miniatures have a section about fascism.

I wish I didn't need a disclaimer! But it feels like I do.

I have finally bought all 6 TSR HeartQuest books and I've made scans and posted them on archive dot org!

More info & links in my video :)

#HeartQuest #GameBook #TSR

If you've played more than a couple of RPGs you've seen the same subsystems over and over. Character stats. Skill rolls. Combat. But when you're designing for MOSAIC Strict, stand alone subsystems, it feels like artistic permission...


@rayotus Definitely one of those "put on some music or an audiobook" activities for me, but I kind of enjoy it.

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