I was trying to make a spikey dog thing for one of the players in our Monday night game.

I'm very happy with the result even though it's nothing like the character's companion.

I had a kinda 💩 day at work, so I’m rereading bits of the Star Wars D6 book. This game was so ridiculously far ahead of its time. Simple. Clear. Filled with tons of good advice.

Bonus: no disclaimers needed re the overt misogyny or homophobia of its contemporaries.

If you can find a copy that isn’t outrageously priced, get it. Even if you don’t care about Star Wars. I don’t, and I still think it’s great.

random ponderings of post-apocalyptic worlds.

Am i right in thinking that there's no reasonable way that folks would be able to build replacement batteries powerful enough to run a laptop for any useful amount of time without first rebuilding industry?

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I saw someone wearing an "owbear conservation society" and had a thought. You know how they have folks with guns protecting Elephants and Rhinos from poachers?

tell me it wouldn't be cool to have a series of one-shots about a crack squad of owlbear conservationists protecting them from poachers and dragons and whatever else might eat an owbear.

I backed the FAST Core Rulebook kickstarter.

There were some minor red flags in the form of "half dressed sexualized female cover art" but i wasn't too worried. I've now started looking at the sample chapter they released and am noting the choice of art to accompany 2 of the three character Archetypes.

I am now, _very_ concerned.

I've no problem with erotic or semi-erotic art of the human form. It's the fact that someone thought it was appropriate to use it here.

played a game on StartPlaying.games this weekend. It was good.

Went looking for more. It's a kinda miserable experience for anyone looking for "NOT D&D" I don't want to have to search individually for every system I'm willing to play. Even on weekends only there's too much D&D to sift through.

They have a GraphQL API (undocumented) so if wanted yet another side project I could write my own query with an exclusion filter.

I really don't want to have to write code to find a game to play.

Another day, another low vision (large font) issues.

I'm playing FFG Star Wars this afternoon. Figured I'd familiarize myself with how the character sheet and rolling works in Foundry-VTT before I did. Good thing too.

I've filed a ticket, but that project has a lot of untouched tickets.

long shot but...

If anyone here knows how to get ahold of Noah Patternson (the microRPG / Tea and Terror guy) you should tell him the "Midnight Series" block / icon thing on his DriveThru page isn't working. I can only find Facebook contact info for him and I don't have facebook.

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With much of Europe facing record levels of heat right now it feels like a good time to remind all my trans, nonbinary, and GNC friends:

If you take estrogen you are more sensitive to heat and more prone to heatstroke.

If you also take an SSRI like Citalopram or Sertraline you are even *more * sensitive.

Stay cool and safe, but do NOT stop taking your meds!

Numenera is amazing (like most things from Monte Cooke Games). This object is doing its own thing that isn’t even competing in the same playground. It’s off on the side being awesome by its own rules.

I just hope the content is as good as the presentation.

Side note: Orbital is another game with brilliant, but simple, presentation that i love.

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Yay! It came!

Also, i think i have a new goal of releasing a game whose physical artifact is as nice as this one.

Someone mentioned that Steve Jackson (and thus SJ Games) officially came out against the recent Roe V. Wade decision.

But he didn't just voice an opinion. He showed empathy and understanding of his privilege, and then he made a donation to help folks screwed by this.


Major Props to SJ and the folks over there for doing this right.

I found another cemetery on my map, and went to explore I was all excited to share pictures with you. Instead all I found was a very grumpy man telling me to “get off my property”. 100% unwilling to even intreat my questions about the possibility of a nearby cemetery. I don’t care. Get off my property.

gods forbid a stranger drives up your road on some sort of recreational vehicle.

Some people are just jerks.

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Another trip.

One has to wonder what the story is here. Did her child bury her and that is how they liked to think of her. Just “mother “?

Or did she die unknown and all they could say about her was that she was a mother. If so, how did they know that?

I applaud this idea.
At the same time, wow that hits a bit close to current US reality. I guess that's the point of much fiction though. Explore difficult moral questions in a safe environment.

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Marvel makes movies and shows faster than I have time to consume them.

The hobby makes games faster than I have time for them.

Maybe I make games faster than you have time.

But no one gives more love than you have time for.

That's why the secret ingredient in my games is love

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