Consider this: “Inspector gadget” the Role playing game. Of course, you play Penny Brain, and friends and your goal is to help inspector gadget survive and actually accomplish his goal despite his incompetence.

inspector gadget would be an NPC always doing things in the background and never directly interacting with the player during the mission.

Figuring out mechanics to manage the inspectors incompetence is the tricky part here.

please make this game ;)

@masukomi A few years back, I hacked Inspectres to tell stories about spotlight characters like this, e.g. the Doctor, Gregory House, any Blackadder, etc. It playtested successfully a few times with up to 6 players and a puppet, so it might do the job for you.

@jamesmullen interesting. I’m not familiar with “Inspectres”. I’ll check your hack out tonight. Thanks :)

@masukomi I have a similar concept for a game about the lieutenants of the devious strategists and house leaders in wuxia dramas who have to actually implement their commander's strategies. In the shows they usually just work but I love the idea of their endless struggles to ensure these plans survive contact with the enemy.

@glenatron 🤔interesting. I’m not sure I’d want to play that if the GM was coming up with the plan, and if the players are then it kinda breaks the narrative. So i think it’d have to be randomly generated. Random would play well with bumbling / incompetent commanders. Much easier to do than randomizing a good plan. ;)

I think *that* is something I’d be up for playing :)

@masukomi exactly, you really want something that creates an overly complicated cascade of improbable gambits. Maybe have card prompts for the plan but each player plays someone else's commander in addition to their own character as commanders only really show up during briefings and reports.

@glenatron oh, i _LIKE_ the idea of drawing card prompts for the next stage of the plan... maybe have it revealed as you play?

undecided about the playing other PC's commanders. Could be good, but maybe random + GM would be better. 🤔Maybe only playtest could tell which.

@masukomi One could easily hack Jason Statham's Big Vacation for this.

@benkramer hah. I hadn't seen that, and _of course_ grant howwit wrote it. :D thanks for pointing it out.

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