I keep being tempted to buy Genesys system things when i discover them because i like the system, and there will never be more of them printed.

At the same time, i'm unlikely to ever get it to my table, so i feel like i'm just wasting more money. :/ I love reading the stuff but i've already got a large TODO list of TTRPG stuff to read.

it's the scarcity issue that's problematic. "but..but... I might want it later and I won't be able to get it!"

@masukomi I've thought similar things with Genesys.

Are the things you're looking at available in PDF? Might be a cheaper way to secure it due to scarcity without wasting as much cash

@james at least 2 of them are, but my problem is that i just can't read THAT much text on a screen. It's great for reference, and quick lookup but... yeah if i actually want to consume what's there i need paper (for large things).

That might change if someone introduces a letter sized color e-ink display, but still my brain likes referencing things by location in the physical stack of pages. My Cypher System book has like 20 post-it tabs poking out if it. ;)

@masukomi Yeah that's fair!
A lot of my books have post-its when I'm running them (though my PHB tabs are rather tattered by now!)

I like the idea that one day someone might go "oh that's neat" and want to play a book off my shelf

Oh yeah a nice colour e-ink tablet would be great! Haven't looked for those recently though.

@james Eink just released a nice looking color screen. I've seen similar coming out of Japan years ago. I'm hoping this one catches on. I don't think there's anything worth buying at the moment unless you are comfortable reading Japanese in your interface.

@masukomi That's very cool!

Foldable screens still have a long way to go I think but that's an exciting prospect with higher res too!

@james yeah, foldable is nifty, but i don't care about it at all. I'm sure someone will eventually come up with meaninful use for it, but right now it just feels like a gimmic that's likely to introduce failure cases.

I just want a color e-ink display i can fit my TTRPG PDFs on without shrinking them down. ( my eyes need big fonts)

@masukomi Yeah it just need to be more durable so you could have like a digital scroll haha

And yeah larger screens are ideal especially for RPGs.
My iPad is _almost_ the right size for instance (but would be nice without a backlight)

@masukomi I have the same issue. I know some of the games I want to own because just in case. But I also know that the chances of me running them or even just playing them are near 0%.

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