I think i don't grok the cyberpunk genre in TTRPGs. Like, i understand the concepts, and the world sounds interesting...ish, but i never have a clue what i'd run for a game, and the examples I've seen are like "not sure i'd want to be a player in that either"

I feel like i _should_ though...

@masukomi This. Everything -punk feels like that to me, I don't know... for me it's almost like what we're living in is it's own cyberpunk hellscape, so I've kinda burned out on it, personally

@meandeef yup. distopian bs is too real to want to use for escapism.

Also, as a programmer by day all of the "net" and "hacking" stuff irks me because it's _beyond_ implausible.

@masukomi "Cyberpunk" like "Superhero" works best if you think of it as an environment, themes, and aesthetic, not a genre. So, what does a heist look like in that environment? A mystery? What would a romance be like with those themes? A dungeon crawl?

Start with what you want to do / play, then consider how those things are altered or distorted by the influences of your cyberpunk setting. (That's how I do it anyway)

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