It's been... a few months? since i stuck an NFC chip on my desk to turn on the lights when I sit down.

It continues to dissapoint. The iPhone just isn't sensitive enough to its existence. Have to slide it back and forth a bunch of times before it goes "oh, look! An NFC chip!" 🤦‍♀️

@masukomi the funny bit to me is when folks talk about satellite tracking via embedded chips, I’m like what? Those “satellites” would have to be glued to people!

@darjr I don't get how people think the "5g chips in the vaccines" are _powered_. Like even if you're clueless about how radio works, surely you could grasp the concept that it can't transmit without _power_ OR that satellites are > 50 miles up. Like, how would the signals get from the microscopic chip get 50 miles without power?! It can't be directional either, so it'd have to be enough ⚡to transmit 50 miles in all directions.

@masukomi yea. Our biggest problem was power. And we were working on chipping cows and could tap into the mains for the sensors.


@darjr why chipping cows? Just to locate free-range herds ?

@masukomi it was in the 90s and it was a backup to branding. I think. The idea was to be able to track the cow from field to shop.

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