Promoting your stuff is cool, but we need to talk about "alert fatigue". My "inbox" at Drive Thru was absolutely full of announcements from 3 companies. Frankly, it's going to make me _less_ inclined to buy your stuff.

I'm happy to hear about your sales & new releases, but not like a post every day.

@masukomi Yeah, sadly I had to unsubscribe from every company on drivethru and change my default when making a purchase. Too many people misuse that feature, which means that either way I’ll probably miss something good.


@andrlik yeah, it's even worse for me because i'm useless when it comes to email. So the sales are generally expired by the time i get to them anyway.

In general i'd rather co's were like a sale every few months (or more) and for multiple things. Makes them feel meaningful rather than a constant series of announcements of sales on things i prolly don't care about anyway.

I _do_ want to hear abut _updates_ and meaningful announcements though.

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