🤔 Am i wrong here? Did Fantasy Flight Games literally make 1 small adventure for each of its Genesys settings?

1st the system uses "weird" dice (a harder sell)
2nd they release an anemic core book.
3rd they release what's essentially the 2nd half of that book 2 YEARS LATER.
Then they foist content creation off onto the community?!

W.T.F. ?!
No wonder the system didn't get popular.

@masukomi Whatever plans they had were cut off when they were acquired by Asmodee. Otherwise, we'd probably have Twilight Imperium and Tannhäuser books by now. I also think Genesys was a combination labor-of-love / hedgeing of bets against losing the Star Wars license at some point. I doubt it ever made a profit


@restlesshead that’s sad. Thanks for the info. Any idea what EDGE studio’s plans for Genesys are? Seems like they’re just selling the existing stuff digitally until people stop caring.

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