I read The Origin (for ) by Bruce R. Cordell this weekend

If the blurb on the site sounds good, then buy it. It's really well done. My only note would be that the intro adventure at the end requires a GM who a) can track lots of little moving pieces b) has high confidence in their knowledge of Cypher System.

The adventure is good, well written, & appropriate for the setting, but the start could go badly for new GMs.



The Origin Spoilers 

That being said, I'm unsure how I feel about The Collectors. I don't think they add to the world, and they feel a bit cheesy and unsatisfying to me.

They're basically alien bad guys responsible for the event. They're capturing "metahumans" in an attempt to reverse their fuckup.

If I ran it i think i'd strip them from the setting entirely. Literally everything about them feels implausible and unsatisfying to me.

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