Extremely nerdy ink/paper question 

The paper in my fancy #Moleskine notebook does not get on well with the pen I'm using (Parker rollerball, also their Quink in a fountain pen). It bleeds through, or else spreads too wide.
I'm not changing the pens because (a) no disposables and (b) I bought a huge batch of cartridges years ago and they're still not near finished. So when this book is full, I'll be looking for a different brand of notebook.
Anyone got any recommendations for something like a moleskine but with more compatible paper?


Extremely nerdy ink/paper question 

@priryo Rhodia makes a number of things with good paper that works well with heavy flow inks. My personal favorite is their Webnotebook, because it has great paper and page numbers. I’ve used it (and others of theirs) with my fountain pen and other heavy flow pens.

Also, if you’re not aware JetPens.com shows you what the bleed through looks like for each of their notebooks. They also have good guides for finding the right stuff for you.

Extremely nerdy ink/paper question 

Not heard of that brand, will look out for it thanks. And the jet pens site looks like an interesting rabbit hole to wander down.

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