Hi #Mastodon! :D

Let's talk about #languages #ForeignLanguages.

What languages do you speak? Which ones do you learn? What is your level? Do you wish you could learn another language? ;-)

I speak:

- #Polish (natively)
- #English (B2 with C1 reading, I am a kind of a bookworm)

I'm also learning:

- #Italian (I'm currently A2 speaker, I believe?)

I also wish I could learn #German some day... :3

What about you? ;-)

@szymonbrycki English (fluent) & Esperanto (beginner). I don’t know the official fluency rating systems

@masukomi Her is a link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_E


They are very popular in Europe... and very good and intuitive once you learn them! :D In fact, I cannot think of speaking about foreign languages without CEFR... ;-)



Thanks. I agree, that seems a very reasonable and intuitive scale. I'm probably just an A2 with .

I need to practice more. ;)

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