Question: is Numenera a “post apocalyptic game”?

Obviously yes if you want to be pedantic because 8 “Worlds“ have risen and fallen before the current one, BUT it’s so long after that, that it doesn’t feel like a PoPoc* setting. At the same time there constantly scrounging interesting objects from past people’s, like a PoPoc. 🤔

* PoPoc = post apocalyptic, courtesy of The RPG Review Board podcast.

@masukomi I think it really depends on the table and where in the Ninth World the campaign is set. I could easily see it feeling that way in some areas of the Beyond or the Frozen South. But I wouldn’t characterize most of Steadfast, Deep, Night, or Outside settings as PoPoc.


@andrlik What your response tells me is that I really need to get the physical versions of Destiny & Discovery.

I haven't read discovery yet, and i don't enjoy reading long content in digital mediums. I've got a bunch of Numenera pdfs but i've only skimmed half of them. :/

@masukomi LOL, I get that too. I always binge on the MCG kickstarters so I have all the books and supplements in PDF for search, and physical for reading (and honestly, the art).

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